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I received my fitbit today. I’m quite excited about it. My sister gave it to me since she had an extra. My goal… is to out step everyone I know! lol

I added in my measurements and chose to try and lose a pound and a half a week. Basically it told me that I could lose all the weight I’m hoping for 60 lbs give or take by August at that rate. So here is to being accountable. If I can keep myself on track that would me I could be at my goal weight before my brother’s wedding and about 180 by my sister’s wedding in April. I better bust my ass, it definitely won’t be easy.

I’m leaving tomorrow AM eaaaaaarly for Canada with my hubby and dad. Our road trip snacks are going to include pretzels, grapes, and something else to be determined.

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I just spent an amazing 9 days in Aruba for my wedding and honeymoon.   I couldn’t have asked for a better anything! If you have never gone before… GO! Stop what you are doing and pack your bags. lol 

Now that I’m home and back in the real world…. I need to get serious about getting healthy.  So I’m starting this blog up.  I’m going to hold myself accountable… and hopefully have a reader or two that will follow my journey.

I weighed in a Monday at 209.4

and today I weighed in at 207.6

My first loss 🙂 yaaaaaaay

I think the only way to battle my weight and conquer my scale is by breaking it down to mini goals. My life is so crazy with school, working full time, being a newly wed, and helping my sister with her kids when she works. 🙂

So here goes….

Mini goal #1: October 31st.. lose 7.6 lbs and hit 200 lbs

Mini goal #2 December 25th.. lose 10 lbs.. hitting the 190 lbs mark.

Mini goal #3 Be able to run 1 mile without stopping to walk

Mini goal #4 February 14th… lose 10 lbs… hitting the 180 mark.

I worry about setting myself up for failure by creating to many goals so soon. With that said… the goals I’ve set seem to be obtainable. I’ll adjust as needed. Once I reach these goals  I can set my next set. 🙂 I’m hoping my half way point will be my sister’s wedding in April and then complete my goal in September for my brother’s wedding.

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