Something New

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So today I have committed to a new eating plan–making wise meal selections. Right now I will take it one meal at a time but I will journal everything that I put in my mouth. I will add more fruits and more water and more exercise. I will add some healthy carbs in the form of whole wheat and grains. My goal is to weigh in weekly and I’ll be content if the number is smaller than the time before. I’m still about slow and steady with this journey. I’m trying to make a lifestyle change that I can mantain so I will never gain the weight back. I want to lose 15lbs.

I have decided to start a journal becuase right now weight loss is a mental struggle for me. Often I am at battle with urges and impulse eating. Also I have to get a handle on portion control. I’ve had success with a journal in the past. It makes me accountable for everything I eat. I also realize I’m quite an emotional eater, so this helps me to take note of my mood/emotional patterns.  

Gettin’ Better

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Last night one of my best girlfriends and I went out for dinner and drinks. I did really well with my selections and I am proud that I have learned to make wise decisions even in social settings despite temptations. In the past I would have had 2 apple martinis and a heaping pile of nachos right along with her and when the waiter came around with that lovely platter of cake I would have been all over that big hunk of chocolate…but I didn’t YEA ME 😀


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I’ve been able to maintain within plus/minus 5-7lbs, but recently I began to feel fat so I have recommited myself to focus and get back “on the weigh down” and reach my goal. Right now I’m stuck in the 190’s. I wonder if my body feels this is normal or something??? I’ve not weighed less than 190 in YEARS. But I’m up for the challange just need to keep my mind right.

40 lbs GONE 4EVER

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I hit 191 this week. I haven’t been this small in about 10 years WOW. The closer I get to my goal of 185 the more I feel I need to lose a bit more becuase my body still doesn’t look the way i want it to. I want to tone my muscles and get rid of the gut lol. So l will get an exercise routine going and stick to it consistently. I plan to start going back to my gym a few days a week to tone up and doing ab exercises daily on my ball at home. I may lower my goal weight to 175???

9 pounds to go

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Its been awhile since I bloged but I have been doing OWL since my last post and have managed to lose 2lbs. I had a few splurges and have been able to maintain my weight for over a month and a half successfully. Currently its my TOM and I feel bloated and my skinny jeans are snug today so I’m recommitting myself to inducation so that I can lose these last 9lbs once and for all!

Still Hangin’

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Ok, so my TOM was this week and I felt very bloated. I came 2lbs shy of my V-day goal, but I’m glad that my weight is stable. I’m still motivated on the Atkins plan. I’ve decided to move to Phase 2, because I believe my body is feeling the effects of carb-depravation??? So I’ve incorporated fruits and nuts and I know I need to drink more water also. So for these last 11lbs I will do OWL then move into pre-maint.


I realize that setting date based goals is not for me. The weight I lost so far has been slow and steady. I think its best I don’t focus on the scale, because it leads to disappointment when I don’t reach that particular number by that particular date. So from here on out I’m gonna do it that way that works for me so that I don’t end up on the yo-yo pattern. This is a lifestyle change for me and right now as long as my number is going down I’m GREAT!!!


Oh yea, I finally went shopping for new clothes. I gave away my 18’s and 20’s because I vow to never be that size again. So, I went and tried on some 12’s AND THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t fit into a 12 in years. Even tho I am honestly a 14 it still felt good to put on and button up a size 12 pant. Technically this means I’m at my goal size even tho I wanna lose 11 more lbs. That should put me into 12’s more comfortably. I’ll be ready to get some cute sun dresses by then 😀


Making Progress

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My origninal plan was to weigh in only on Monday’s but since V-Day is so close I decided to weigh in this am and i’m down 1lb YAAAHHH! That make 3 lbs lost so far on my 5 lbs by Valentine’s Day Challenge which started on Feb. 1st…looks like I might exceed my goal. It would be soooo awesome to meet my overall goal by the end of February 😀

I’m still watching what I eat closely and doing pilates. The plan is to workout 3 days per week, but I missed my workout Thursday this week. I intended on making it up on Friday, but I went out and got in late so guess I’ll have to make that up tonight before bed because I am gonna do this!!!

Over the plateau!

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Well first thing this morning I weighed in and it seems that my plateau is over I was down 2lbs YAAHH! That makes me feel good becuase I have been so strict all week. Even though my official weigh day is Monday I just had to do it today and I’m glad I did. I’ve been watching my carb intake very closely but my ketone sticks are just barley turning…but at least they are some shade of pink and can tell by my clothes that i’m definetly losing inches so no complaints. I plan to be purchasing a new wardrobe in a smaller size this spring/summer 🙂

What a day!

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Today has been one of those days for me. I got to work at 9 and was overwhelmed and ready to go home and retreat to bed by 10 lol. I realized that I am an emotional eater though because I wanted to treat myself to something good. I considered a diet coke slurpee, but enjoyed the crunch of celery sticks dipped in ranch instead YUM 🙂 My weight seems to be at a plateau at the moment, but I’m hanging in here with the 5lb Valentine’s Day goal. My ketone sticks are turning pink so that’s good. I think I’m losing inches right now rather than pounds, because the bootylicious jeans I bought on Saturday seemed a little loose on Sunday when I wore them. But they still made the bf look twice so mission accomplished 🙂 I may weigh in tomorrow just to see what’s happening???

Well that’s all for now!

Reclaiming Nelly

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My weight and I have long been at battle…but near Halloween 2008 I began to reclaim myself. I began eating a very low carb diet with the goal of not having to make weight loss my new years resolution yet again for the umpteenth year in a row. And successfully by new years 2009 I’d lost about 25lbs. I knew the scale said I was getting lighter and people were giving me complements, but it wasn’t until I tried on a pair of pants that I hadn’t wore in awhile that it hit me. I wore these pants on my first date with my bf almost a year ago; the pants were tight and I was HOT!…but now I am swimming in them lol. I had mixed emotions because I am happy about the weight that I’ve lost but I was dissapointed about how big I was…I can’t believe I let my self go like that. I now know that I have to make a lifestyle change and not just yo-yo diet. I recently began incorporating exercise into my lifestyle as well, and I feel good. Yesterday I purchased  a new pair of figure flattering jeans that I’ll be wearing on the next date with my bf.

Another BIG shocker for me was logging back onto my 3 fat chicks page and realizing that at my last log in August 2007 I was the heaviest I’d been in my life 231lbs WOW!!! Now I am 32lbs lighter and counting. I still have 14lbs that I will lose and maintain. I will stay aroung 185lbs because with my 5’6″ curvy frame this will allow me to keep the assets that I love 🙂

I am starting the induction phase of Atkins again for the next 2 weeks, because I’m at a plateau right now. I also joined a 5lbs by Valentine’s Day Challenge on 3 fat chicks…my goal is to lose more than 5lbs tho. I will weigh in on Mondays and workout everyother day. Hopefully I will lose these last 14lbs this month!

I’m on my way!!!