My journey to greatness!

I am sooooooo happy!! Why?!?!?!?! Because ive gotten my groove back! (not like the movie lol). I have had a hectic yet eventful day. I got up this morning early and went to the gym, which i hadnt been to in over a week. My boss and I usually only have enough time for a 45-50 min workout before we hit the showers. Today I did 30 min on the treadmill doing intervals, then I did 10 min on the bike followed by 10 min on the elliptical. I was feeling really good.

After we left the gym we got breakfast, which i had a ham biscuit, fries, and diet Dr. Pepper. Definitely wasnt the best choice but i knew I needed something to keep my full until 2. So i got to work and remembered i had to do a small group of 14 preschoolers, which i later found out was actually a birthday party. The grandma who threw the party offered me food and wouldnt take no for an answer. So im thinking “great! unhealthy food!” However, when i got there she had all healthy food, including the cupcake! She gave me a ton of grapes and apple slices and a cupcake with light icing. Sooooo good!

After work i power walked to my second job while carrying my heavy gym bag, purse, and lunch container. As soon as i remembered that my fitness group was suppose to have our zumba class in the afternoon. I had no idea how i was going to pull it off because i was exhausted, but i made it through.

Im sorry this post is so long but im just excited! Ive been in a slump for weeks and i needed this kick to get back on track. When i got here to the library they told me they had all kinds of doughnuts in the breakroom, but i turned it down. The thought of eating a doughnut was repulsive lol. I guess that means im back!

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I just dont understand….I was doing so well!!!!! Im down 30 pounds but now ive lost all motivation to go on. My dieting has suffered the last 3 weeks as well as exercise. Im just having a very hard time getting back on track. Ugh!!!!!!!!!! I wish someone would have told me that this process will have more emotional difficulties than physical!

I really need some help people!!!!!!

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The title explains it all. Today is just one of those days where you not happy but u not sad either.  Im just here I guess lol. Im still taking it easy today and will start back exercising tomorrow. I did get a pleasant surprise this morning from my scale. I got a new low of 265.4! So thats pretty exciting!

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Today has been absolutely horrible! Today was my official weigh in day and i really wanted to get to 263, which would bring my total weight loss to 30 pounds. I got up this morning early so I could hit the gym before work. I got on my scale as always and was completely crushed! It said 267.2! I was 266.6 last week. I felt so bad that i just crawled into bed and skipped the gym completely.

After i got back up to get ready for work, i was still super pissed and just felt bad about myself. I put on my clothes and just felt really fat and disgusting! It was really bad. After work I went to go shopping for new clothes since my work pants were really baggy on me. So i picked out a bunch of clothes one size down than before. I was so exciting thinking that i could have gone down a pant size! I got in the dressing room and all the shirts fit, so that was a good thing. I saved the pants for last. I put them on and couldnt get them over my hips. I was soooo disappointed and almost burst into tears in the dressing room. I really thought i would be able to drop to a size 20 instead of a 22.

After i left that place i went to another. There they had dress pants but they were more stretchy, so i was able to get those in a size 20. I got those then i headed to Target, which has a Pizza Hut in it. I got a cheese personal pan pizza and 3 breadsticks. I wanted a day to not think about diet and exercise. I ate the pizza and 2 of the breadsticks and afterwards i felt HORRIBLE. I had a belly full of grease and it did not feel good. I dont kno how in the h*ll i was able to eat like that before. Its was disgusting! All in all, today was a big disappointment. I felt crappy about myself all day and it was a big slap in the face. Yes im losing weight but its not a huge difference. I still cant fit a size 20 and barely fit into a size 2X shirt. Ugh!!! So annoying.

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I was finally able to go to the gym this morning with my boss. She was feeling much better and couldnt wait to get to the gym! We were a little late so we only had 45 min. I did 20 min of weights, 15 min of elliptical, and 10 min of the treadmill. Tomorrow I will do a lot more cardio!

At the library they had a gospel choir come in to celebrate black history month. Now i love gospel music, but the best part was the cake! The whole time the choir was singing, i was thinking “Man I hope all the cake aint gone by the time I get there!” Now im not normally a sweet eater but every now and then i get an intense craving for it! I dont kno why but I do. Well after the choir was done i was nice enough to let the other guests get their piece first. When I got to the table i had to grab 2 pieces (1 for me and the other for my other coworker! lol) and head back downstairs! The cake was pure deliciousness and I enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps I should feel guily about it….but what the heck! It’s just a piece of cake! I think when you restrict everything from yourself, thats when you go insane.

So the moral of this blog, if there can even be one lol, is to not stress out when you fall off your diet. It’s not a big deal!

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haha my day started out just like every other one does lol. I rolled out of bed, weighed myself (267!) and showered and got ready for work. I took time to put on makeup and even fix my a nice lunch and snacks to last me through the day. I left the house at 9:00 sharp like always to head to the bus stop. Bus came at 9:08 and I was at work by 9:15. Just when I stepped off the bus i realized that i had the day off!!!!!! I could not believe i had forgotten! See what had happen was lol another coworker needed sunday off so he agreed to work for me today while i work for him sunday. I was sooo embarrassed lol. So i walked into work and put my jug of milk in the fridge. I keep a box of cereal in my boss’s office because we like to hit the gym in the mornings before work.

I was sooo upset with myself because i could have gotten in some good sleep lol. I also couldnt catch the bus back because it only runs every OTHER route to my neighborhood, which meant i would have had to wait over an hour and a half for the next bus! So, what did i do?!?!?!?!?! I walked home! Luckily i live a lil over a mile from my job. The bad part was the fact that it was mostly uphill! Ugh!!!!

So i got home and ate a bowl of cereal and watched the marathon of I Use to Be Fat on mtv until time to go to the next job at 2. Everything was going fine until i almost forgot about my team’s first “slide” class lol. My coworker called down to my department and reminded me lol.

The turnout to our first slide class was actually pretty good. I have 8 members on my team and about 3 of us showed up. However, some of our friends came in to support as well. The point of the slide classes was teach everyone all the different slide dances, such as the electric slide, Cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, mississippi cha cha and some others. Man did that room get hot! I was only able to stay 30 min because I had to get back to work. It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. I cant wait until monday’s class!


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Today has been one of those days. Yesterday was SOOOO nice with the 70 degree weather and today it was cold and cloudy. Really puts a damper on your mood. Ive been hitting the gym first thing in the morning with my boss but she has been sick the last 2 days, so i havent been able to go. Life just feels so incomplete when i dont get to go to the gym lol. I guess im an addict lol.

Ive been tryin to do stuff around the house to stay active. Yesterday I went jogging/walking (mainly lol) around the neighborhood with my lil cousins, which was good. I thought i was going to die! Im NOT a runner but its an habit im trying to start lol.

I did put in a good workout earlier (unintentionally lol). One of my good friends from my second job was sick and she said she was going home at 1:15. So, i got off from the first job at 1 and it usually takes me 15 min on the dot to walk to the second job (all uphill). I wanted to do something special, so i decided to pick up some potatoe soup from the deli that i kno she likes thats right across the street from our job. When 1:00 came i burst out the door! Ive never powered walked so fast in my LIFE lol. I made it to work, dropped off a bag that was slowing me down, and then bolted over to the deli and headed back to the library. I made it back downstairs in her office by 1:16!!! That has GOT to be some record lol. She had her stuff packed and was just about to leave when i caught her. I told her what all i had done to get her that surprise soup and she was happy lol. When i took off my coat i was SOAKED! lol

Right as my shift started my other coworker handed me 2 Flirty Girl Fitness dvds. Another one of our coworkers had gotten it but didnt want it so she gave it to me. Now ive seen some of the infomercials on tv for it and i admit that its a little intimidating. I guess in my mind you suppose to feel sexy about your body while doing it. I hardly feel sexy with all 267 pounds worth of flab lol. However, im going to give it a try tonight just to see if i can make it lol. One is called Booty Bump and the other is something about G.I. Jane lol. Sounds pretty scary lol. I think im going to do the shorter dvd tonight lol


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So its been a while since ive posted, mainly because ive seemed to have loss motivation. This whole weight loss thing is so crazy and unpredicatable, thats its messing with my head. Couple weeks ago i dropped 5 pounds! Then the following week i gained .8! Now this week im down 4.8, bringing me to 266.6! Thats really great, but since then when i get on the scale i dont see that number. It’s like i fluxuate between 268-271. I bet its because ive increased my weights and reps when i weight train. I am soooo close to losing 30 pounds and it seems like the closer i get there the more i get pushed back! Ugh!!!!!!!!!! So annoying!

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I am glad to be feeling better. I HATE being sick! Last friday was my official weigh in day and i was so upset that i had gained .8 pounds! Now i know it wasnt fat gain because i ate a lot of soup, which is pretty high in sodium. However, i still wanted to see a downward change on the scale. So, even though it was water weight, i was still pretty bummed…

After a weekend of rest and relaxation, i jumped on the scale and was surprised that it was down to 267! Thats 4 pounds down! I weighed this morning and it was 267.4. I’m glad to see the numbers going down again! I cant wait till i officially weigh in friday!


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My mom is obsessed with pictures! She has pictures taped all over her door. I know its weird lol. Im waiting for ma to get dressed and looking at my old pictures on her door. My entire life i was big. I even looked at my old Ident-A-Kid cards. I was 80 pounds at age 7, and by the time i was 10 i was 120! just wish someone had done something about it instead of making excuses.

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