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Just another day! January 13, 2011

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Well last night there was a slight change in my dinner plans, I didn’t get to have the chicken breasts like I wanted because I was out and about and didn’t have time to thaw it and prepare and stuff.. but I had a half a can of tuna w/light mayo with a w.w. bread and it was filling and yummmyyy!!!
So my plan today is
1 cup of coffe with 2 eggs. (this time I did one full egg and the other just egg whites
Peanut Butter and Jelly sanwhich (only one slice of w.w bread)
Chicken Breast with Green Beans
Snack in between all of this if I am hungry is my
and If for some reason I get my sweet tooth I still have the Nabisco 100 calorie packs and also a diet coke in the fridge. STILL .. 🙂 go me.

I put the chicken breast in water to this THIS MORNING so that I could eat dinner at a decent time. I am making three because I hardly ever have time to cook, clean AND spend time with my kids so I am killing 3 birds with one stone. . 😉
Tomorrow is my weigh in . Hope to see a good number. I am still very proud of my progress and know that if I stick to it I CAN reach my goals.


S**t, FU** January 11, 2011

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So obviously I’m not happy. . I’m really really upset.
So yesterday I get off work I get home I turn on my work out video and me and Alexus (my 5 year old that just likes to work out with me ) .. Start doing my Biggest Loser Video. WE are about ohh I would say 3 minutes into it doing the warm up , all the sudden I hear a snap and I am in the most awful pain in the world and it drops me to my knees. My daughter runs and gets Joey , crying saying “mommys hurts mommy’s hurt”…
Just to rewind. I was in a car accident in August 2010. The accident was very severe. I totalled my car and the engine actually broke through the firewall and the dashboard went straight into my knees. nothing broken but I believe an acl tear. I don’t have insurance to go to the direct Dr. that I need to for this issue. Since it’s not broken the ER can only do so much. But needless to say. I am still in pain. It hurts from my ankle up to my ass cheak. Literally. …… so no more work out videos with my knee. The pain I take the risk of enduring is NOT worth it… so my new plan is to buy this elipitcal from my dad. Never been used $50 bucks. and start doing pilates and walking again. Those are things I like doing and it wont put any weight on my ankle like the work out videos do AND the pilates should REALLY help my knee until I can actually have it looked at. But something is not right because it has done this since August and the pain is getting worse. So obviously I am very upset about that. I was off to a great start and just so ready to do it. I had the perfect mindset and WANTED it so bad. But it’s ok. I have my plan and it’s better than nothing. So I’m trying not to let it get me side tracked of my real goals.
So last night I didn’t have my pasta because of the whole carb issue. So I had a turkey dog with ketchup, on a bun but whatever. lol . I had so many errands and stuff afterwards that I didnt even think about food when I got home , nor soda. GO ME!!!! so I stuck through it ALL DAY yesterday. FEELS AWESOME

So Today
Coffee and (1) Clementine
1/2 ramen noodles (forgot to make lunch this morning)
Baby Carrotts
Tuna and light mayo with W.W pasta

Sounds ooober good. Good luck Chicks.!!! work one out for me 🙁


Thinking January 10, 2011

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So I already posted today. but who gives cause it’s my blog and I can write whenever I please. so there. Anyways I have been doing really really good on the water today. I have gotten up to tinkle every freakin second but other than that everything is going as planned. Here I sit at my desk with Carrots and water. go meeeee. So anywho I was thinking all day today in my head how I can adjust my eating. I noticed that I am eating a lot of carbs. Yes I am in love with carbs. I would marry a roll if I could. I mean it’s that bad lol. So for dinner tonight instead of the whole grain pasta with tuna. I am just going to have tuna mixed with light mayo with an avacado. and pineapple and carots and fruits and veggies. I am going to try to cut back. I know that carbs and chocolate is my huge bump in my road. So On my blog page I have added a new goals for January. I haven’t ever had any goals other than just loosing weight so here I am trying.

So whenever I get off work I am going straight home and starting my Biggest Loser Video so that I don’t get distracted and tired and just end up not wanting to do it. lol I know myself better than that.

Good Luck Chicks!!!