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My offical starting over weight January 10, 2011

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alrighty. So I weighed in this morning and I’m at 224.8 Better than the 229 so I’ll take it. . Over the weekend I did soooooo much better than before. I had a few slip ups yes but nothing like previously so I will take that as a win and move forward with what I learned.!. . Moving Forward. So I have three work out videos that I’m going to start doing as of today. I have my Biggest Loser of course, Taebo, and body sculpt. I thought it would be a good idea to just alternate between them .. Spice things up a bit. lol as much as possible. Here is the food agenda for the day
2 eggs w/ 1 slice whole wheat toast
Small chicken breast w/ brown rice
tuna w/ whole grain pasta- light mayo
Diet coke
baby carrots
Sounds good to me! . . and also a goal of mine is to work on my water intake, I hate water but love the soda so it’s becoming a problem. so time to step it up a notch and push in the water through out the day. My work has a water filter thing and it’s cold and crisp and it shouldn’t be a problem if I just keep reminding myself!! and also since of course I know that I have a sweet tooth I went and got the Nabisco 100 calorie packs and brought them to work because I know that’s when it hits me the hardest. Things at home are starting to get better. Because I have learned how to keep myself busy with stuff, cleaning, cooking, all kinds of stuff to get my mind off of food. I clean the kitchen sparkly clean and turn off the lights and just relax and get my mind to turn off , which turns it off of food.. sometimes. and It might sound weird but the more I diet the more I like to WATCH food . Like the food network. lol it all sounds so good and I just love food. Not that I have to eat it but just to watch it being prepaired some times is good for me. strange but whatever! .

Good luck everyone! Have a great day chicks~


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