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Kitchen closes at 7 January 7, 2011

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Well last night I fumbled. . Again. Time to analyze cause it’s obvious there is a problem. . So I get off of work play with the girls, clean up. Then i make my two eggs with my mushrooms , drinking water, etc. just total mind set. I go get my work out videos from my sister and have it all planned to start doing it tomorrow and just had a great mind set. . . Than my friend Joey comes over. . My first words out of my mind where ” Do you have any candy” lol. Gosh I’m awful. I am a sucker for candy. It sucks even typing this up and knowing that I messed up but I want to own up to everything so I’m not lying to myself about my progress. . . So he gives me like a handfull of skittles and I had….. once again like 5 double stuffed oreos… and not only that. Afterwards I felt so awful about it I felt like just giving up anyways so I made myself some ramen noodles. It was like ten o clock at night! I wasn’t hungry. I don’t even know why I ate them. So now I need to figure out how to change this. Not just point it out everytime it happens. . On my way to work I kept thinking and honestly I think I just set myself up for failure. I WANT to lose weight but I think inside my mind I keep telling myself I can’t do it and just putting myself down . I’m trying but that peice of nasty thought in my mind is setting me up!! … So my plan to attack this problem is as follows
~ No more eating past 7 period. . If anything a fruit or veggie.. that’s it!
~ Buy something that is sweet but ok to eat so I don’t feel guilty when I have a sweet tooth
~ Tell Joey he can’t bring sweets into my home (he loves candy just as much as I do lol)
~ Start doing my videos so it gives me motivation not to mess up at night.

So I haven’t weighed myself lately. It fluxuated so often the last two weeks. so I am weighing in monday morning and I”m going to start at that. or maybe even do it tomorrow morning. no more excuses. Yes tomorrow morning I will get my starting weight. . For real and post it and just keep going. . On a lighter note yesterday after my eggs and mushrooms I had a craving for me. I just wanted more food. so I grilled up some asparagus and mushrooms with pepper.. mmmmmm good !!!! I was proud cause I could have messed up there and just said awww f it. but I didn’t. so that’s good.

My goal for this week is trying to get at least 3 work outs done and also drinking more water!!!! Thats my huge thing that is so difficult for me to achieve.

Good luck ladies!! I can make it through this weekend and through the nights of cravings. .. !!! Lets do this!


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  1. beerab Says:

    Maybe you were thirsty? Sometimes when I’m thirsty I want to keep eating. Try drinking water- and tell yourself NO CANDY! You can do it girl 🙂

    Maybe for tonight’s dinner add 1 more egg and add the asparagus, mushrooms, and peppers all at once and have a larger dinner.

    How many calories are you trying to eat a day? One thing that helps me to not overeat at night is to eat more during the day.

    Good luck- no matter what- don’t give up- this is about progress, not perfection. Trial and error is a big part of weight loss.

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