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Back away from the chocolate January 6, 2011

Filed under: Just Cause — debi @ 9:13 am

so yesterday went great… until about 8 o clock, I get home off of work at about 5 , I take a bath I play with my kids relax , have some eggs with mushrooms in it and just feeling great.. and than what happens. I get this while hair to gorge in chocolate. so I have my bf go to the store and buy a little debbie packett of donuts and had 4 oreo’s double stuffed…. I guess when I write it here of how much I had it doesn’t seem or sound like a lot but still I’m disapointed in myself.
Also I was a lazy butt yesterday and never met up with my sister to get those work out videos so that is something that is on my agenda today and I WILL do a work out video. . It’s time to start that up again.. There shall be no more excuses!

So today is
coffee and clementine
Ramen Noodles
Eggs and mushrooms

that all sounds good to me. I know I really could go with out the Ramens but to me. It’s cheap, I’m busy at work and it’s fast and fills me up. I don’t use all the seasoning and usually try to only eat half of it so no worries. And I love love love mushrooms especially in my eggs and it’s pretty filling and satisfying for me for dinner. I am getting better. I think that once that I start working out it will all fall into place. I remember before that’s how it went. . so I am keeping my fingers crossed ladies..!!! and if by chance you know how to post pictures and you are reading this than please tell me how to do it. I have no idea and really want to add some pictures to my page dangit! ..

Good Luck Everyone!!!!