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Fridays, your always so good to me March 19, 2010

Filed under: *The weigh ins* — debi @ 6:31 am

Well weigh in is 193.0!!! YAY I am soooo excited and happy for that number.

However, lol… I am now TERRIFIED of the weekend to come. I don’t think i trust myself yet and I’m doing so good I don’t want this to be ruined. 🙁 I wish I could just stay positive and for the time being I am but also I know myself when I’m home all weekend and around food and I can honestly say that I do not trust myself. I want to . I have been doing so good and come so far but the weekends are my weakness… I’m trying to come up with a plan but I just don’t know how to dodge the issues I always face. . I just keep telling myself my weight and I’m almost down to the 180’s and if I could get there.. god I would be soooo happy!! I still can’t even believe I’m almost to 180 when I used to be 230 .. crazy I tell you!


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