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Guess who’s back… oh yeah my stomach December 5, 2013

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well .. I don’t really know what to say other than wow i really let myself go. i mean i don’t know how i even got this far. it just started so slowly.. when i first started blogging. i reached 197 at my lowest.. i was feeling so awesome about myself. i was excersiing and loving it.. and i was out of the 200’s …..

here i am …. 267 i gained it all back plus some. all of my hard work. everything .. for nothing.

it’s so frustrating. but my sister is at the same spot. she is close to my number and we have put in a full commitment into restarting and doing this together so that’s where we are at right now. we have enrolled in weight watchers to see how it helps us. so 267 is my official weigh in as of 12/01/2013 . . it’s just so hard to jump back into this again. I remember when i would work out for 1.5 and feel like that wasn’t enough and that i wanted more. I was hungry for it!. now i went to the gym the other day and could barely make it a half hour. i feel pathetic and i hate it. I can’t believe that it happened.. but it did and all i can do is accept it and just move on and try to make the situation better.. that’s alli can do right.


Wow April 26, 2013

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I sit here and just can’t believe I let it get as bad as it has. . Wow. I honestly am too afraid to go and get on that scale… All of you can see that obviously I haven’t been on in years….. but so much has happened.. I went through a divorce, an abusive relationship to now where I am finally happy and just living my life the best I can and I am happy! except my weight…I knew in the back of my head that it was there and that I wasn’t doing anything to better it but the little voice in my head just kept pushing it back saying “deal with it later” . . . . I mean my fat pants don’t fix… sitting in a booth is becoming challenging… those are things my chunky self didn’t even have when I was “fat” … so that scares me…… I think I let that fear get it to where it is right now.. I’m too afraid to face it. but it’s just everywhere I go now and i’m so unhappy.. it kind of brings me to tears right now thinking about it .. uggg So let me just kind of back up here.. I used to do my diet so well.. at least it was working. I got to 187 .. under 200!!! then I went through a divorce with my husband.. it was so hard.. and I ended up starting a with relationship with someone I already knew for awhile and then just … like many other people.. got confortable and gained it all back.. since then I went through a very abusive traumatic event involving him and my self esteem plumbited.. and now i’m here.I remember how good it felt being in shape. how happy I felt losing all the weight and knowing that I did it with hard work and dedication and now I have nothing to say for that. I’m too afraid to even weigh myself and that’s just not ok with .. My depression got so bad that I actually am on medication and that sucks so bad. I just don ‘t feel like myself and just the way my “fat clothes” don’t fit just makes my heart drop and I’m afraid to go weigh myself…I need to know the damage…ugg ok i’ll go look..i need to know lol wow 259I feel sick……. how could I do this to myself…. my heart is racing and I need to process this 🙁


Aww feelin good January 14, 2011

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Weigh in today is 216.6 .. wahooooo. I think the reason why I lost so much weight this weak is because of all the water I have been drinking on top of my diet. . I NEVER drink water and obviously this week I started pushing it into me and dang look at that… that’s so exciting for me and I’m very happy with it.
Well today
1/2 cup of coffee
2 egg whites with half of a half of avocado
1/2 ramen noodles w/green beans
Chicken Breast with w.w roll and corn
Sounds good to me. However. I am very very nervous to see how this weekend treats me. I have nothing but trust in myself . Come on Deb. You did so good this week.. It’s time to stick with it.!


Just another day! January 13, 2011

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Well last night there was a slight change in my dinner plans, I didn’t get to have the chicken breasts like I wanted because I was out and about and didn’t have time to thaw it and prepare and stuff.. but I had a half a can of tuna w/light mayo with a w.w. bread and it was filling and yummmyyy!!!
So my plan today is
1 cup of coffe with 2 eggs. (this time I did one full egg and the other just egg whites
Peanut Butter and Jelly sanwhich (only one slice of w.w bread)
Chicken Breast with Green Beans
Snack in between all of this if I am hungry is my
and If for some reason I get my sweet tooth I still have the Nabisco 100 calorie packs and also a diet coke in the fridge. STILL .. 🙂 go me.

I put the chicken breast in water to this THIS MORNING so that I could eat dinner at a decent time. I am making three because I hardly ever have time to cook, clean AND spend time with my kids so I am killing 3 birds with one stone. . 😉
Tomorrow is my weigh in . Hope to see a good number. I am still very proud of my progress and know that if I stick to it I CAN reach my goals.


WA HOO January 12, 2011

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So I weighed in this morning at 219.6 , so I’m doing something right . Plus despite the fact that I have not been able to work out I will take that number with pride. !. I feel better. Like I know it sounds stupid and maybe it’s not a huge amount of weight I just feel better. I feel different and like I said I’m sure it’s just all in my head but still. .
Anyways. I am very proud of myself. Yesterday again I had an awesome day and it wasn’t even a struggle for me anymore. . I went home. I had a cup of w.w pasta with 1/2 can of tuna with light mayo and a bunch of water and I was full. . !! and I DID NOT go back into the kitchen the whole night . Lights off ment lights off. and that was the end of it. I was sooo happy at the end of the night when I was thinking about what I ate that day and it hit me that I drank my water. I didnt’ have any sweets, I didn’t eat anything off my plan AND I didn’t even have a diet soda !!! . I feel so good and I LOVE the fact that I’m not still struggling with my food choices. It feels great!
So whenever I get the money I am going to get some pilates videos and hopefully get that elliptical from my dad. . that’s going to be so nice . I’m excited.

Well today
1 Egg with 1/2 avacado w/coffee
Oatmeal and clementine
Chicken Breast with Brown Rice and Carrots.

Sounds good to me!!! Plus a bunch of water throughout my work day and maybe add a diet soda in with dinner. I rather have it at dinner than at work..!!!
~ Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night!!! Inspiring episode it was. I love that show!!


S**t, FU** January 11, 2011

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So obviously I’m not happy. . I’m really really upset.
So yesterday I get off work I get home I turn on my work out video and me and Alexus (my 5 year old that just likes to work out with me ) .. Start doing my Biggest Loser Video. WE are about ohh I would say 3 minutes into it doing the warm up , all the sudden I hear a snap and I am in the most awful pain in the world and it drops me to my knees. My daughter runs and gets Joey , crying saying “mommys hurts mommy’s hurt”…
Just to rewind. I was in a car accident in August 2010. The accident was very severe. I totalled my car and the engine actually broke through the firewall and the dashboard went straight into my knees. nothing broken but I believe an acl tear. I don’t have insurance to go to the direct Dr. that I need to for this issue. Since it’s not broken the ER can only do so much. But needless to say. I am still in pain. It hurts from my ankle up to my ass cheak. Literally. …… so no more work out videos with my knee. The pain I take the risk of enduring is NOT worth it… so my new plan is to buy this elipitcal from my dad. Never been used $50 bucks. and start doing pilates and walking again. Those are things I like doing and it wont put any weight on my ankle like the work out videos do AND the pilates should REALLY help my knee until I can actually have it looked at. But something is not right because it has done this since August and the pain is getting worse. So obviously I am very upset about that. I was off to a great start and just so ready to do it. I had the perfect mindset and WANTED it so bad. But it’s ok. I have my plan and it’s better than nothing. So I’m trying not to let it get me side tracked of my real goals.
So last night I didn’t have my pasta because of the whole carb issue. So I had a turkey dog with ketchup, on a bun but whatever. lol . I had so many errands and stuff afterwards that I didnt even think about food when I got home , nor soda. GO ME!!!! so I stuck through it ALL DAY yesterday. FEELS AWESOME

So Today
Coffee and (1) Clementine
1/2 ramen noodles (forgot to make lunch this morning)
Baby Carrotts
Tuna and light mayo with W.W pasta

Sounds ooober good. Good luck Chicks.!!! work one out for me 🙁


Thinking January 10, 2011

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So I already posted today. but who gives cause it’s my blog and I can write whenever I please. so there. Anyways I have been doing really really good on the water today. I have gotten up to tinkle every freakin second but other than that everything is going as planned. Here I sit at my desk with Carrots and water. go meeeee. So anywho I was thinking all day today in my head how I can adjust my eating. I noticed that I am eating a lot of carbs. Yes I am in love with carbs. I would marry a roll if I could. I mean it’s that bad lol. So for dinner tonight instead of the whole grain pasta with tuna. I am just going to have tuna mixed with light mayo with an avacado. and pineapple and carots and fruits and veggies. I am going to try to cut back. I know that carbs and chocolate is my huge bump in my road. So On my blog page I have added a new goals for January. I haven’t ever had any goals other than just loosing weight so here I am trying.

So whenever I get off work I am going straight home and starting my Biggest Loser Video so that I don’t get distracted and tired and just end up not wanting to do it. lol I know myself better than that.

Good Luck Chicks!!!


My offical starting over weight

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alrighty. So I weighed in this morning and I’m at 224.8 Better than the 229 so I’ll take it. . Over the weekend I did soooooo much better than before. I had a few slip ups yes but nothing like previously so I will take that as a win and move forward with what I learned.!. . Moving Forward. So I have three work out videos that I’m going to start doing as of today. I have my Biggest Loser of course, Taebo, and body sculpt. I thought it would be a good idea to just alternate between them .. Spice things up a bit. lol as much as possible. Here is the food agenda for the day
2 eggs w/ 1 slice whole wheat toast
Small chicken breast w/ brown rice
tuna w/ whole grain pasta- light mayo
Diet coke
baby carrots
Sounds good to me! . . and also a goal of mine is to work on my water intake, I hate water but love the soda so it’s becoming a problem. so time to step it up a notch and push in the water through out the day. My work has a water filter thing and it’s cold and crisp and it shouldn’t be a problem if I just keep reminding myself!! and also since of course I know that I have a sweet tooth I went and got the Nabisco 100 calorie packs and brought them to work because I know that’s when it hits me the hardest. Things at home are starting to get better. Because I have learned how to keep myself busy with stuff, cleaning, cooking, all kinds of stuff to get my mind off of food. I clean the kitchen sparkly clean and turn off the lights and just relax and get my mind to turn off , which turns it off of food.. sometimes. and It might sound weird but the more I diet the more I like to WATCH food . Like the food network. lol it all sounds so good and I just love food. Not that I have to eat it but just to watch it being prepaired some times is good for me. strange but whatever! .

Good luck everyone! Have a great day chicks~


Kitchen closes at 7 January 7, 2011

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Well last night I fumbled. . Again. Time to analyze cause it’s obvious there is a problem. . So I get off of work play with the girls, clean up. Then i make my two eggs with my mushrooms , drinking water, etc. just total mind set. I go get my work out videos from my sister and have it all planned to start doing it tomorrow and just had a great mind set. . . Than my friend Joey comes over. . My first words out of my mind where ” Do you have any candy” lol. Gosh I’m awful. I am a sucker for candy. It sucks even typing this up and knowing that I messed up but I want to own up to everything so I’m not lying to myself about my progress. . . So he gives me like a handfull of skittles and I had….. once again like 5 double stuffed oreos… and not only that. Afterwards I felt so awful about it I felt like just giving up anyways so I made myself some ramen noodles. It was like ten o clock at night! I wasn’t hungry. I don’t even know why I ate them. So now I need to figure out how to change this. Not just point it out everytime it happens. . On my way to work I kept thinking and honestly I think I just set myself up for failure. I WANT to lose weight but I think inside my mind I keep telling myself I can’t do it and just putting myself down . I’m trying but that peice of nasty thought in my mind is setting me up!! … So my plan to attack this problem is as follows
~ No more eating past 7 period. . If anything a fruit or veggie.. that’s it!
~ Buy something that is sweet but ok to eat so I don’t feel guilty when I have a sweet tooth
~ Tell Joey he can’t bring sweets into my home (he loves candy just as much as I do lol)
~ Start doing my videos so it gives me motivation not to mess up at night.

So I haven’t weighed myself lately. It fluxuated so often the last two weeks. so I am weighing in monday morning and I”m going to start at that. or maybe even do it tomorrow morning. no more excuses. Yes tomorrow morning I will get my starting weight. . For real and post it and just keep going. . On a lighter note yesterday after my eggs and mushrooms I had a craving for me. I just wanted more food. so I grilled up some asparagus and mushrooms with pepper.. mmmmmm good !!!! I was proud cause I could have messed up there and just said awww f it. but I didn’t. so that’s good.

My goal for this week is trying to get at least 3 work outs done and also drinking more water!!!! Thats my huge thing that is so difficult for me to achieve.

Good luck ladies!! I can make it through this weekend and through the nights of cravings. .. !!! Lets do this!


Back away from the chocolate January 6, 2011

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so yesterday went great… until about 8 o clock, I get home off of work at about 5 , I take a bath I play with my kids relax , have some eggs with mushrooms in it and just feeling great.. and than what happens. I get this while hair to gorge in chocolate. so I have my bf go to the store and buy a little debbie packett of donuts and had 4 oreo’s double stuffed…. I guess when I write it here of how much I had it doesn’t seem or sound like a lot but still I’m disapointed in myself.
Also I was a lazy butt yesterday and never met up with my sister to get those work out videos so that is something that is on my agenda today and I WILL do a work out video. . It’s time to start that up again.. There shall be no more excuses!

So today is
coffee and clementine
Ramen Noodles
Eggs and mushrooms

that all sounds good to me. I know I really could go with out the Ramens but to me. It’s cheap, I’m busy at work and it’s fast and fills me up. I don’t use all the seasoning and usually try to only eat half of it so no worries. And I love love love mushrooms especially in my eggs and it’s pretty filling and satisfying for me for dinner. I am getting better. I think that once that I start working out it will all fall into place. I remember before that’s how it went. . so I am keeping my fingers crossed ladies..!!! and if by chance you know how to post pictures and you are reading this than please tell me how to do it. I have no idea and really want to add some pictures to my page dangit! ..

Good Luck Everyone!!!!


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