Been a Long Time

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So, it’s been a little while since I posted, ok pretty much a month…I completely forgot I had started this blog, and regret forgetting haha. 

School’s been really busy as well.  Not only do I work full time in the ICU I also go to school full time (it’s only one night a week) that includes many papers, I’m working on my bachelor’s degree so I can move on to my masters next Spring.  I graduate with the bachelors in September!  So excited to be done one part of my journey schoolwise.

Weight wise…I’ve lost 9lbs…hard to believe.  I started this journey off at 276, I weighed in a few days ago at 268!  It’s slowly but surely coming off.  I started working out with the TurboJam videos when I can.  It’s so hard with my schedule to wake up and do them.  With the 12 hour shifts by the time I’m done I’m crashing and when I wake up I’m burned out.  I used to be fine doing it…and need to get back to that point.  It’s not like I have forever to lose this weight.  I want to be able to get my dress by the end of summer, and that’s not forever away.  So that’s where I’m at.  I’m sure I’ll feel more insightful as the night progresses and maybe I’ll post again later on tonight. 

Good day, I think.

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So today wasn’t too bad, in terms of eating and over all being good.  I worked last night (2/24 into 2/25) so when I got home 2/25 in am I tried to sleep.  Puppy Murph doesn’t let me sleep in my bed, because if I put him in the crate, he barks, I don’t sleep.  So, I sleep on the couch.  Not really conducive for great sleep.  So I got about 5-6 hrs of sleep…not bad for the situation.  When I finally was getting up for good, I took the dogs for a short walk, it was very windy and they didn’t like it to much out there.  I decided I was going to go into work early (I go to a gym at work) and go to the gym before work giving myself enough time to shower for work before I had to report for duty.  Worked well, got in 30 min on the elliptical and felt great doing it.  I was very nervous as I haven’t done much by way of physical work since surgery.  Either way things I think are heading in the right direction.  I’m keeping my food diary on myfitnesspal, because it’s the easiest way to keep track of calories/fat/and whatever else I want to and it figures out how many calories etc I should meet daily.  It does have an area for exercise too, but if I add the exercise it adds calories (and I already put in that I’m active 6/7 days a week so it adds the calories for you….) confused?  I am….it works in my head and that’s what matters I guess. 

I also ordered a new home workout today.  TurboFire, the advanced TurboJam workouts, and also a heart rate monitor…cause I want to be sure to know I’m pushing myself at home not just doing it cause I feel like it.  Alright that’s enough from me today.  I gotta make it through the next 5 hours…and stay awake!

New day, new me!

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Well, haven’t ever blogged in my life, and here I am blogging.  I figure this is a way for me to stay accountable in my weight loss journey.  I have struggled with my weight for years and years and years.  I’ve never been a thin person, I stayed a size 18 throughout high school, and have remained between that same 18-20 since.  I’m now 25, engaged to be married 04/2012, and ready to find that thin me trapped within.  She wants to come out, and she wants to live!  I had surgery 2/14/11, so I have to wait until my postop appointment to actually start my more intense workouts.  I plan on starting TurboJam, 3/14/11, as that will be one month after surgery.  Until them, I am allowed to do light cardio so I’m walking on the treadmill or outside with my crazy dogs Murphy (a 8month old chocolate lab) and Hazel (a 2 and some year old hearding mix).  Needless to say, I’m ready to be able to enjoy life.  I’ll post some before pictures of me at some point this weekend. 

Jobwise, I’m a midnight shift, MICU nurse.  So…my schedule is a** backwards to most people.  Maybe this blog will help others that work a crazy schedule like me!  But how I’ve been doing it up to now is on days that I work, I typically will wake up around 3:30-4:00pm and do my workout so I can then shower, eat “dinner” at home and then pack my meal(s) to eat while I’m at work.  I always pack more than I can eat, that way if I decide I want something different than I packed, I’m not tempted to go to the cafeteria and get something crazy fatty.  Tonight I had homemade chicken noodle soup (i used wheat noodles this time and it actually turned out pretty good), a salad with chicken and creamy balsamic dressing, a cheese stick, grapes, a granola bar, some pretzels, and will be having a Chobani yogurt with granola at some point before the am.  I need to work on cutting carbs down…wayyyyyy to many!

So that’s me in a nut shell.  I’ll be posting my workouts and meals as the blog progresses. And of course, my progress.  Where my weight loss goes, and how my body changes for the better along the way.  I’ll post some pictures of me as I am now.  (I do have the pictures of me in sports bra and shorts that I’ll save until I have my after pictures so people can really see where I came from)