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I have moved to blogger May 23, 2011

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If you go there you may want to avert your eyes at first because the header is a picture of my torso in all its puffy glory.  I thought I needed something staring me in the face to remind me.  I cannot fully appreciate it looking from above.

Since I go to 3fatchicks every day and like other people’s blogs from here, I will probably put snippets of my posts here from time to time.  I am not sure I want to completely ditch this blog.  I like the other one a lot better but, as you can see, I have a problem letting things go.

OK heading over that a way to post something.


I think I am gonna move to blogger. May 22, 2011

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Creating a blog should not be so difficult.  No linking? And why does it have to be so hard to upload a picture and then add text?  Why can’t I double space?  When I move I will post it.  But I guess it won’t be a link since that is not an option!