Here’s another weigh in day…And it ain’t that bad!

Well my weekend didn’t totally demolish my diet like I thought it would. Today I weighed 178.4 lbs. I only gained .4 lbs. I’ll take that anyday, especially since I thought I was going to gain at least two lbs. And I have now lost 14.75 inches. That’s 2.25″ more than last week. I’ll take losing inches over losing weight any day.

Okay got to make sure I stay on course this next week. While I can handle one week with no weight loss, I’m not sure how my hormonal level will react to two weeks with no weight loss. I have a long way to go and I need to make sure I stick to the plan.

I’m going to need an awful lot of encouragement this week. I’ll report in in a couple days to let y’all know how the progress this week is going. Still trying to reach 169 by Halloween as a mini goal. I’ve got five weeks and four days to lose nine more pounds. I CAN DO THIS!

I’ve got bad news…

I blew it this weekend. I don’t mean I accidently ate a chocolate chip cookie or anything like that. I ate pizza, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and chocolate sheet cake. Today is going to be hard, but I have to get back on the wagon.

I believe that I go through this phase every time I start a diet and lose ten pounds. I get the “I’m too sexy” song blasting through my mind as I walk around the local Wal-Mart and think I’m too sexy for this diet! And then as I do my little turn on the catwalk, I find that I have gained back five of those pounds that took me forever to lose.

I plan on walking four miles today instead of two and see how that feels. If it feels okay, I might add an extra two miles for the rest of the week to make up for my splurge. I don’t expect to lose any weight on Wednesday and I won’t be shocked if the 170’s have left me again.

It’s bad to say, but as guilty as I feel about ruining the diet this weekend, I still have to admit, that chocolate sheet cake sure was good!

I’m in the 170’s !!!!!!!!

Today I weighed in at 178.0! I’ve lost two pounds this week and have finally joined the 170’s group. Whoo hoo! I’m also lost a total of 12.5 inches. Today feels like a good day. Still hoping to reach my mini goal of 169 by Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I can’t wait! Don’t ask me why but it has always been my favorite holiday! Something about everyone dressing up and pretending to be something completely different than who they are. It’s like a stress reliever and it always feels like one day out of the year you can be whoever you want. Maybe I’m just weird like that!

Another piece of news….I finally joined the church choir! I have always wanted to, but the thought of getting up in front of all those people and singing frightened me to death! I’ve always heard the saying , “not until the fat lady sings”. I didn’t want to be that lady! I finally feel like I can join now without feeling like the one little kids will point at and laugh.

That’s all for now, but I’ll report back real soon and I’ll be reading some of y’all’s blogs until then. Lots of love and encouragement coming to all of you. Thanks as always!

What I have learned.

Recently I was asked what is the one thing I have learned from the South Beach Diet. I wanted to make a post out of this instead of just a comment so that maybe someone out there struggling with weight problems could identify.

I would have to say that the number one thing I learned from South Beach was that I was addicted to food. I know what your thinking. All overweight people are obviously addicted to food to some degree. I would agree, but what I realized was that I was far more addicted than I thought I was.

The portions that I eat now versus the portions I ate before the diet not only show me how much more I use to cram on a plate but also show me the kinds of foods I was shoving into my body. Now that I eat the right foods my portions are very small and more satisfying than the junk food and unhealthy options I use to eat. I am very happy with this new lifestyle I have chosen. I hope this may inspire someone out there to give the South Beach Diet a try if you haven’t already.

Weigh in day and 10 lbs lost!!!

Today was weigh in day! I thought I probably had come to my usual stall. I think we all have that week where we don’t lose any weight or even pick up a pound and wonder what we did wrong. I thought that was going to be my week. I WAS WRONG! I have lost 2 more lbs ¬†putting me at a grand total of 10 lbs lost. Whoo hoo! Today I weighed in at 180 lbs.

I hope to see the 170’s next week. The 170’s can come over and keep me company for a little while, but I’d like for them to leave quickly and let the 160’s take over. South Beach diet has really changed my eating habits. I thought it would be another diet that I would lose all my weight and then go back to eating the same old things I used to, but I have kind of grown attached to my new eating habits. I like this diet a lot! I don’t know if I would even call this plan a diet, to me it has become a way of life already.

Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement! I couldn’t do this without all of you behind me!

Loving Life…FINALLY!

I realized today that it has been a long time since I really enjoyed life. I always had a problem enjoying life if I was overweight. Now that I have been walking/jogging two miles every day and been eating healthy, I feel like life is wonderful. There are still bills to pay, kids to tend to, and the struggle of day to day middle class life, but I am starting to see the glass as more half full than half empty.

Did the diet change my perspective or did I just come to a new found realization? I don’t know, but however it got here, I’ll keep it! I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day and I’ll check back in tomorrow for my weigh in.

I Will Survive…

I had a brush with the urge to quit yesterday. Friday is Pizza night around my house. I made my hubby and 3 kids pizza and french fries, which is our tradition and since the kids and my hubby eat very healthy all week long, I don’t see any problem in them having a treat. I, on the other hand, had a salad and 20 grapes. I am not at a healthy weight, so pizza night is out of the question.

While I smelled the aroma of a cheese and sausage pizza cooking in the oven, I tore my lettuce off with extreme force thinking about how frustrated I was that I would not eat pizza. Now that I write it down I sound like a three year old child who didn’t get their way.

I even got to the point where I told my husband, “I think I might quit my diet today.” Thank God I have a good husband that knows how to deal with my moods. All he said was, “I hate that, you have been doing so good and I hate to see you stop trying.”

That was all I needed to hear. And while I didn’t smile as I ate my salad a few measly grapes. I didn’t lose the fight either. I did good and I feel better today because of it. I hope this inspires someone else that may be flirting with the idea of quitting.

By the way, pizza still sounds good!

No More Gaping Bath Towel…

Okay, hopefully I’m not the only who gets out of the shower and has that towel that barely touches and has a wide gaping crack exposing all my goods. That very problem got me to thinking this morning. Either they need to make bigger towels or I need to get smaller. Since I’m on a budget, I think the latter is the only option. Just thought I’d throw that thought out there this morning. Here’s to all you chicks with gaping towels like me!

Weigh In Day!

Today I weighed in at 182! I’ve lost 3 lbs this past week for a total of 8 lbs since I’ve started South Beach. Today I also got to move on to Phase 2 of the diet. I’m adding in a fruit a day for the next week. I ate some grapes for my morning snack and let me tell you, grapes have never tasted so sweet and juicy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I also get to add in some nonfat yogurt (which I will be trying this afternoon) and some starchier veggies like sweet potatoes and carrots.

I have lost another half an inch off of my measurements. It’s not a lot, but I’ll take anything I can get. That brings my total of inches to -4.75 inches in the past two weeks. Not that shabby. I feel good today! I’ve been walking every day for 2 miles, except for Saturday and Sunday’s. I’m starting to feel healthier! I’m liking this new me I am becoming.

OH and by the way, I didn’t eat the oreo’s yesterday! The dried poop with mayo kinda ruined the idea for me. Thanks for reading and following me on my adventure and Thanks even more for all the wonderful support and advice you all give. It helps more than you know.

The Devil Brought Cookies

Okay, I need some serious support words right now! My mother-in-law, right now known as the devil woman, brought some oreo cookies into my house for the kids to have. She also brought oatmeal cookies and honey buns. I am currently sitting here thinking about those very Oreo’s, oatmeal cookies, and honey buns. I know I should move past it and think about something else. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I know I could screw myself up so easily. Any advice on how to get the cookies out of my head????? HELP ME!