Christmas is almost here

20 Dec 2010 In: daily, family

Well another Christmas is almost here and man have I been busy. I really do not have much time to do a whole lot of anything right now just getting ready for the holidays. The Christmas Tree adventure was good. The tree that we got was the second one that we found. It is skinny ( this means that we have a living room and the dogs do not smack the thing with there tails either) but also full. Just the way we like it. My son decorated most of it. I still have not done any baking for Christmas yet either I am going to do that on Wednesday. I am going to try and make my Grandmas homemade caramel corn. we will see how that one goes.


30 Nov 2010 In: family

Well I am glad that Thanksgiving is over. It was long like always, we went to two dinners one with my husbands side and one on my side. Over ate like normal but hey it’s Thanksgiving right? Well any way with that over it is time to look forward to the next big event and that is Christmas. Wow where has the year gone. Any way another time for two different meals the only thing this time is that they are on different days. That is relief. That makes it so much easier to handle and manage. This year at my husbands family it we will be celebrating three yes I said three first Christmas’ my daughter who is the oldest and will be 7 month on the 24th, and two nephews as well. One will be three months at the beginning of December and the other will be three months at the end of December. So we all are looking forward to that.

But before that we need to get the tree and we will be doing that on Sunday. I will be back then to let you know about that adventure.

It’s been a while

30 Nov 2010 In: daily

well I think that I am going to give this another try. My daughter was born 6 months ago and I have not lost any of the extra weight yet. I am hoping that by posting more regulary I will get back on track and get it off. I would like to see a good chunck of the weight gone in a year form now. But I say that now and the year will come and go and I will still be where I am now wondering what happened. I am hoping to use this blog as journal of my activities and events that I have going on through out the year.


a good day.

4 Jun 2009 In: daily

well i got a lot accomplished today. the house cleaned, the lawn mowed travis does not know that i did that yet and willnot know until he gets home from work.  took Kayden to the park for about an hour. and got my car cleaned so all in all it was a good day.  dinner will be my down fall. frozen pizza but hey i live by the motto if i am in the mood for it i can have it just not too much. for example the whole pizza. 😀  i would still like to do some more exercise later today but if i do not so be it i did alot already i really have not stopped moving.

Hello world!

1 Jun 2009 In: daily, events, family

well i am not sure if i will keep up on this because i feel like my thoughts and feellings are exactly that mine. i will try to share some of what is going on.

i suppose an intro would be a good start. on Sept. 21 i will be married for 7 years, we have one son Kayden who turned 5 on the 23rd of April and we are trying for another baby. there are also 3 dogs in the family as well. as far as hobbies and interests lets see there is ham radio yes i have my liscense and i also hunt.  we do alot of camping.  during the winters i like to cross stitch ok the rainy days as well.

i have been trying to lose weight since probably Jan ’05 in earnest. i went from around 200 down to 177 which is where i am at now i would like to be at 170 by the 4th of July. i guess i am hoping that this will turn into another form of support for me. Travis my husband does not really have to worry about his weight he is one of those that can eat and eat and not really gain to much all i wish he would do is to tone what he has and that is some flab that toning would take care of. but any way he has been supportive of this trip. but i also thinks that he is getting frustrated that i have not lost all of the extra pregnancy weight. before we got married i had made it down to about 160/155 some where in that area then came kayden and now i am starting over. actually i think i was higher this time around the the last time. i am not really sure.