Week 2

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4/25- I went over my grandmas because my grandfather wasnt doing well. I only had 2 slices of pizza and a soft pretzel all day. No exercise.

4/26- my grandpa passed away in the morning. I had 1c frosted flakes, 2 slices pizza, then 1/2 my plate of chicken tenders/potatoes/rolls at O’Charleys.


Today I havent done much and I really didnt plan to. I just dont feel like doing much in the diet field. Dont they allow for breaks? I did weigh myself at my grandmas and moms- 161. Today Im at 158 at home.

b:special K cereal

L: nothing

S: Special K bar



Week 2

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I have decided that yesterdays weight and the past weight aside from my moms (160) were wrong. I am going to say my starting weight was 160 and then my current is 158. From now on, well this week, I am going to weigh every day in the AM when i wake up on the home scale. I am doing it to see if the scale reads right. Then i have decided every Friday im going to weigh in.

B: Special K cereal w/buttered toast

L: Pretzel/Grape/Cheese/Carrot Snack Pack from meijer

S: I was going to have pringles but i didnt…so nothing

D: chicken fried rice (homemade)

D: pringles/mac n cheese (1 serving)

Hey, look, im making progress! I ate breakfast!!!!!!

Week 2

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I have been binging like crazy. 🙁 Not good. Well, maybe not as bad as I have been, but I have been eating after dinner when i shouldnt. Yesterday was chips, today I had Subway sandwich (Chicken Terriyaki), which im pretty sure is not on anyones Diet plan.

I also got a battery for our scale. I think its off because our youngest daughter was 34lbs about a week ago at the doctors office, and the scale said I was 162 at the doctors and then today our home scale said our daughter was 31lbs and I was 162. I know my daughter didnt loose weight. I also weighed our middle child and she weighed 41lbs at the Doc and 38lbs today. Theres just no way! Im thinking its off by 3lbs, which means Ive gained weight! 🙁 🙁 Is this normal? Are you suppose to want to cry when the scale goes up because i feel like i want to. Maybe need to do the Fullbars again and Slim fast. This SUCKS!

Week 2 Day 1

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I have not been walking at all. I really just havent felt motivated. Yesterday I binged. Not good. Today:

B: nothing

S: Chips

L: Lasagna/chips

S: Kashi Go Lean bar/Pretzels

D: Mexican Pizza (1 slice)

D: Slim Fast

Im just not doing very good. I hit a rut. I did walk/run .5mi today! YAY!! Now for the good part, I can now run/walk 1mi in 20mins rather than 28mins from 1 week ago! I can also run for 3mins with less pain/breathing issues! That is pretty darn good!

day 7- end of week 1!

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Well, i didnt walk again yesterday but I am not as sore today, so i have to today!

B: Nothing

L: PB sandwich/celery/popcorn/oranges

S: PB crackers

D: Smart Ones cheeseburger/1 serving Lays Light chips/mashed potatoes/baked beans/SlimFast

D: FullBites!/Pretzel/Pringles

I didnt take my fullbar again, but i did pick up another box and finally got the Slimfast powder. 🙂 I put the powder into my chocolate milk and it tasted SO much better!! It didnt fill me up really, but im not sure if its suppose to? I also joined the 20 somethings July 4th Challenge! That puts me at my 1/2 way point- 3mo in and i hope to be at 145. 😀

day 6

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I am still very sore! I have to walk tonight. I didnt last night.

B: Nothing

L: chicken wrap (made with deli meat + pickles)/grapes/PB crackers

S: Pretzel

D:2 slices of pizza

D: strawberries/popcorn/Special K bar/1slice of pizza

so far for the day im up to 1300 estimated calories. I have have NOT taken a fullbar today.

and please note, though I am not eating salads and square meals, i am still getting everything i need. This is not an attack on anyone, but it doesnt help me to feel very good about myself when i am being told Im not getting enough of something. This is day 6, not day 60, i am still learning. I need support, not anything else. Yes, I could drop a few cans of pop and eat breakfast, but im still learning! Thats the journey, learning along the way and sticking with what works!

Day 5

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Today my body is sore! Oh my aching everything! I think tonight I will just walk on the treadmill.

B: nothing

L: Stouffers Meal- chicken, mashed potatoes, oranges

S: celery

D: Fullbar/1/2 cob of corn/2 chicken nuggets/about 20 homemade french fries

D: popcorn/bowl of spaghetti/pretzel 🙁

I set an official goal today. To be in 9/10 by 9/10/11!! Thats 6 months!! Thats 5lbs a month!!! I CAN DO IT! Or I think i can anyway. 🙂

and i decided to start semi counting calories. Not strictly, but just to make sure i am within range. Im at 1043 for day 5 (without 2 nuggets and pretzel included since it wasnt a full serving or no nutrition info was given on package.)

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