Day -24

I’m not sure what the problem is with me, but I haven’t slept in two days, and it is really taking a toll on me. I don’t feel like I’m anxious because of my car getting broken into, but maybe it is affecting me subconsciously. But I’m exhausted today, and my knees really hurt from all the jumping around in Zumba, so I’m going to take a rest today. I think I’ll really enjoy KenpoX, and want to have enough energy to really bring it.  I’m starting the P90X diet plan tomorrow, so I’ve been tweaking my plan, and it is ready to roll out bright and early!  🙂

Day -25

Well, all my soreness from the first few P90X workouts finally subsided…and then I went to Zumba. 🙂  I think this program is really going to do good things for me.  After every workout I’m sore in a slightly different place.  Now it is calves/inner thighs. 

I haven’t been to Zumba in several months, but fortunately the instructor hasn’t changed up any of the routinues, so I was able to get right back in the swing without much effort.  Except for the fact that I’m out of shape, lol.  About 30 mintues in to the class I was ready to sit down and take a break, but my competitive spirit wouldn’t let me do that in front of everyone, so I stayed upright and finished out the class.  🙂  Looking forward to being able to rock all the way through the class with ease!

Day -26

Today was Legs & Back. It didn’t seem that bad working through it, but about 1/2 way I completely lost control of my heart rate. When my HR starts getting over 165 I get really messed up…I overheat, get headaches, and I’ve even passed out. So I sat out the 2 round of the workout, picking back up with the cool down and Ab RipperX. I managed to do 10 reps of each exercise this time!

Day -27

The soreness from the first few workouts is just about worked itself out.  A little bit of tenderness deep in my core, but otherwise in great shape.

Just worked on YogaX. I wish I could say finished, but I didn’t even come close. I made it through the first 30 minutes, taking a short 1-2 minutes break every 10 minutes. I am extremely inflexible, so it was a real struggle, and my back is hurting a bit now. And I really want to do the workout with good form, so I am pretty content with 30 minutes. I’ll just have to work to get in a few more minutes each time I run the workout.

Day -28

By the time I went to bed last night I could barely move.  My entire body completely locked up and it was all I could do to creep from the couch to the bed.  In fact I almost slept on the couch to save the effort.  I was still really sore this morning, but as I started to move around things got a lot looser and more comfortable.  Of course I’m still on Ibuprofen, but as it is treating a combination of muscle soreness, back pain (chronic condition) and cramps (isn’t is wonderful how mother nature tried to derail you? lol) I’m not too concerned.

Today was Shoulders & Arms, and I totally OWNED that workout! Upper body has always been my strong point, and I was happy to see how quickly I fell back into the groove. I started out with 5lbs weights for each exercise (the smallest I have) but had to move up to 8s by the repeat for all but 3-4 exercises! So a  for me. Ab Ripper on the other hand….  That was a disaster! Some things I couldn’t do at all, the the most reps I could manage on even the easier exercises was 15 (you are suppose to do 25 reps for each exercise). My back kept giving out, I couldn’t manage to lift my legs, and when I tried to crunch my belly fat would get all pinched up…very embarrassing, lol. The only good thing is that I have loads of room for improvement between now and Xmas. I’m really looking forward to rocking that workout.

Day -29

Just finished my CardioX workout. I thought it was easier than Core, but still really tough…I had to take all the optional breaks, but I managed to make it all the way through. I drank twice as much water this time, 2x20oz. I was still really sore from yesterday when I started, but the workout seemed to help. I’ll probably be crippled tomorrow, lol.

Didn’t do so well on the diet. I plan on starting the P90X portion diet on the 1st (when I get paid, and can afford more food, lol) so right now I’m trying make it on what I have in the house. My meals were good, but I ate a bunch of Indulgent trail mix this afternoon. I’ll just pretend it was fuel for my workout. 

P90X Round I: Day -30

Looking back over this blog was very disconcerting…I was so enthusiastic and so close to goal, and now…ugh!  But I’m ready for a fresh start.

I am going to be powering through the P90X Lean program running from 9/24 to 12/22.  I’m going to use the next 30 days to prepare to get in the groove and practice bringing my eating back into order. 

Current Stats (Day -30) Stats will be updated Day 1, Day 30, Day 60 & Day 90

  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Size: 16 / L
  • Bust: 47 inch
  • Waist: 38 inch
  • Hips: 48 inch
  • ETA – Just did my first P90X workout, Core Synergistics. It almost killed me, and I couldn’t even do all of it. I thought I was going to throw up for a minute right before the first break, and had to pause the tape and lie down for a little before I went on. I am way more out of shape then I thought. 🙁

    I tried the Drea roll a couple of times, but my kittens are extremely fond of my yoga mat, so I almost killed myself trying not squish them when I started to roll back and realized they were sitting there! I just can’t do all those stupid pushups/planks/things of that nature. I do what I can in a full pushup position, but it isn’t much. I managed all the squats/bendy things, which probably explains why most of my soreness is in my thighs, lol. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the workout. I usually hate working out to DVDs, as the instructors usually annoy me to no end (I wanted to kill Jillian), but I found Tony to be freakin’ hilarous.

    • Workout: Core Synergistics
    • Calories: <1800 + recovery drink
    • Water: >60 oz



    Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog.  I’ve always been a bit behind the times technology wise, but it is about time I caught up.  As soon as I get a chance I’ll add some background information on my weight loss/fitness journey to my About page, but for now here is a quick recap on where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I’m going.

    I was always chubby.  When kids at our church would get together to play baseball, I quickly learned to use my extra “strength” to hit home runs, so that I wouldn’t have to run as fast around the bases.  Tag was never any fun; in fact I never really liked athletic sorts of games.  Things got worse when I went off to live on campus my junior year of college.  I’m not particularly outgoing, so I would spend a lot of time in my room, doing homework, crocheting, watching TV……..and I usually had a snack to go with it.  Cream cheese and crackers, pizza, Subway sandwiches with extra meat……if it was fattening I had a double helping.  As you can well guess by the time I graduated 2 years later I was over 200lbs.  I’m only 5’6″, but I do carry my weight “well”, yet by this point it was obvious that something had to be done. 

    In my final semester I took a fraud class from an instructor who used to be a special agent in the IRS.  My major is not a very exciting one (Accounting), but the stories he would tell where positively thrilling.  But I just couldn’t break through the barrier of my prejudice against the IRS.  Then he brought in a guest speaker who worked for the FBI.  The FBI special agent branch even has a special division for accountant!  I decided that a career in the FBI was what I wanted, and I began to research it.  Imagine my horror when I discovered that there were fitness requirements, and they weren’t too shabby either!  Running 1.5 miles???  Pushups???  Situps???  And then the Academy?  I could never do that at 220lbs.  But this time I was ready.  I had three years before I was eligible to apply, and I was certain I could whip my body into shape in that amount of time.

    October 4, 2007.  Just an ordinary day for most folks, but it was the first day of the rest of my life.  I started off very simply.  I bought myself a pedometer and started walking 10,000 steps a day. I wanted significant amount of weight loss and quickly, so I began to follow a low-carb.  I had done low-carb in the past, and it worked well for a time, but I had never been able to sustain it for more than a 10lb loss.  This time I hung on for months, losing close to 25lbs.  In the late spring of 2008 when I was about 190 I decided to start running.  I knew that a low carb diet wasn’t wise with a running program, and it was starting to get difficult to stick to it, so I began to calorie count instead.  I used The Daily Plate to track my calories, and I was eating about 1800 a day.

    I’ve heard many horror stories of people wrecking their knees running too much, so I started out with a very simple program from Running Planet.  It started out with 5 mins of walking, then 30 seconds of running, followed by another 5 mins of walking.  Who couldn’t run 30 seconds?!?  Over the summer I was able to work my endurance up to running 3 miles straight!  Unfortunately I never learned to like it.  In fact, I HATE running.  So I eventually gave that up, and turned to something that didn’t make me want to die whenever I did it.

    At this point, over 15 months from when I started, I’m practically a new person.  I’m down to 158.8lbs (down 61.2), I exercise almost every day, and my “diet” is pretty much just “normal” at this point.  I still track my calories on The Daily Plate, keeping my weekly average around 1500.  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday I do a Jillian Michaels circuit workout for an hour while Monday, Wednesday & Friday I do a less intense workout, such as walking or hula-hooping for an hour.  Sundays are my rest day, but I have so much more energy now, that sometimes I just have to go out and do something! 

    So why am I starting this blog now?  Right now I am 23lbs away from my goal weight of 136.  I’m well aware that the last few pounds are the hardest to get off, and I’m sure I’ll need all the help I can get.  But even once I’m at goal I won’t be done.  Maintenance is for life, and takes the same kind of effort that weight loss does.  So I’m challenging myself, with you as a witness, to “fight the good fight.”