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Hi there,

So I am about in embark on my first blogging adventure. I have been keeping a food journal/diary since March 1st so I will be transcribing that information here.

A little about me to start. I am 36yrs old, mother of 3 and a compulsive eater/dieter/binger/purger etc. I am on my latest last ditch effort prior to joining Dr Bernstein. He guarantees 45lbs in 9 weeks at approx $1200 plus vitamins at about $32 per month. 2-3 vitamin B injections at his clinic and the diet is based on 800-900 caleries per day. So, my diet since March 1st 2013 has been 800-900 caleries plus 2 vitamin B12 and 2 vitamin B6 vitamins. Included in this diet has been 4-5 days cardio, crunches and low weights. I have all everything set as follows:

March 1st – starting weight 168.3

March 8th – 163

March 15th – 158

March 22nd – 153

all the way down to

April 26 – 128 – 9 weeks and 45lbs.

Well – let’s just say that I am not achieving quite the results I was looking for thus far. Progress to date:

March 8 – 164.4 (-3.9lbs)

March 15 – 159.8 (-4.6lbs)

I am going to post what I have been eating and the exercise entalled but as an example:

Breakfast (190)

2 eggs and 3/4 cup mushrooms – cooked as omlette using PAM (no butter) – 160 cal

lg coffee, fat free cream and splenda – 30 cal

Snack (170)

1 can tuna (light in water) – 120 cal

mix in 1 tbs light mayo (30 cal and 1tbs mustard (0 cal) and 2 stalks celery (20 cal)

Lunch (205)

Romaine lettuce (15 leaves) 30 cal

2 celery stalks (20 cal)

3 oz grilled chick breast (140)

Fat free Italian dressing 3ml (15cal)

Snack (138)

3 celery (30), 2tbs hummis (70), cheese string

Timmies coffee- lg 1 milk, splenda (38 cal)

Dinner (160 cal)

1/2 cup endemene (110 cal)

home made veg soup (50cal)

Total Cal : 863

Eliptical : 30min 382 cal burned

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