Well hopefully this is the last time I do this….

Weight Update – February 18, 2012

I weighed in today at 194.1, so a 1.7 lb. loss for the week. I thought I would do better because I ate very well all week and went to the gym 6 times. But I guess sometimes your body has other ideas. That said, 1.7 lb. loss isn’t bad. I’m hoping to improve my numbers though. Spring break is coming up and I was hoping to get down to 185. At the very least I want to hit 190 because I was about 190 when I graduated high school.

Of course my big goal for the semester is to be at a healthy weight (173). I think it is very attainable, but at the same time it won’t be easy. By the time I return to school next year I want to be at 160. And by that I mean when fall semester starts since I’m staying over the summer to take a class and become a certified EMT.

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