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Superfoods: Greek Yogurt

So I thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight some “superfoods”. By superfoods I mean really healthy foods that I have a lot of uses for, or just healthy foods I really like. Today I am going to talk about the wonders of greek yogurt.

If you haven’t guessed, greek yogurt comes from Greece. In Greece they use goat’s milk, but I think they just use cows milk in the US. It is strained to make it have that thick and creamy texture. The reason it has so much protein is because the straining process gives a more concentrated product.

Here are the basic nutrition facts for Fage 0%: Serving size – 8 oz., Calories – 130, Fat – 0 g, Cholesterol – 0 g, Sodium – 85 mg,  Carbs – 9 g (from sugar), Protein – 23 g.


Super-smoothie: 1/4 cup raspberries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 cup Fage 0%, 1/2 cup spinach, juice of one grapefruit or 2 oranges.

Dips/ Spreads: I have a few that I use with greek yogurt (e.g. Jalapeno & Garlic dip – see Superbowl party post). But with greek yogurt I never use sour cream or mayo, which gives a big nutritional upgrade. Here is a dip I came up with the other day that I have been using frequently.

Chipotle BBQ: 1 cup Fage 0%, 2 chipotle peppers, 1/4 cup BBQ sauce, add in ground pepper, onion salt and cilantro.

Put it on a sandwich: Today for lunch I had 2 Joseph’s pitas (60 cal. each), 1 tbs of Cedar’s Garlic Lovers Hommus on each pita, 1 tbs of Cedar’s Taboule Salad on each pita and 1 oz. of Fage 0% on each pita. The whole meal was about 250 cal. and has kept me full for about 3 hrs. now.

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  1. I love, love, love this post. I use Greek Yogurt for everything! I am in love with it. I have a giant tub of Fage 0% in my fridge at all times! haha

  2. Same here. I know it’s time to go food shopping again when I run out of greek yogurt.

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