Well hopefully this is the last time I do this….

iPhone apps for weight loss

One of the great things about my iphone is all the cool apps I have. I have a ton of diet apps and have tried a few others out. Here are some I recommend.

1. Calorie Count - from www.caloriecount.com, you can keep track of all your food for free and you can even scan the barcodes of most products.

2. 10k runner - There is also a 5k version, but I going for the 10k. It tells you when to start running and when to take walking breaks. I find it easier to push through a workout when I have a voice telling me what to do.

3. Eat This Not That - This is very useful for eating out. Next time you are at a chain restaurant just whip out your iphone and see the healthiest foods available

4. Fitness Pro - An app that gives you a portable workout guide.

5. SmartRunner - It measures your run (distance, speed, time) and even calculates your calories for you!

6. iTreadmill pedometer - works as a pedometer.

7. Livestrong - like calorie counter

8. Weight Watchers - For all of your on WW.

9. Grubhub - just kidding….

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