Well hopefully this is the last time I do this….

Overall a pretty good day…

I think I did fairly well. I’ll be the first to admit I had some unnecessary treats. I had a few praline truffles and I had a skinny caramel macchiato in the morning from Starbucks. But other than that I stuck to the plan and still kept my calories under 1600. Not to bad considering my date with Ben & Jerry last year. My workout was so-so. I got a solid strength workout and my running was okay. Though tomorrow I have a lot of free time so I plan on running (and partially walking) about 6 miles. I want to be able to complete a 10k under an hour when I run it in June. In the meantime I need to get my first 5 km. done quick because I want to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. I’m aiming for about 27 or 28 as a realistic goal. I have over a month. I just need to learn how to run at a consistent pace. I usually get bored and start sprinting/ walking.

I have a good feeling for my weigh in on Friday. I’m feeling 193 flat. That would be a 2.8 lb. loss so it isn’t completely out of reach. That said,it could end up being completely off. I had a very strong margarita on Saturday as well as a couple of beers. Though I avoided eating at least.

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