Oh boy

mizzie on Jan 23rd 2012 09:34 am

I was horrible over the weekend!  So much snacking, so many calories.  I really have no idea where I stood as far as calories went.  Too many, that’s certain.

On Saturday I weighed in at 192.4, so that’s a 2.2 pound loss last week, which is great!  I don’t know how I’ll do this week, since 2 out of 5 days were bad, bad, bad!  To make matters worse, I weigh in for the Challenge tomorrow.  Ugg…  I just hope I haven’t gone up, but I’m afraid I have.  Their scale is usually about 2 pounds higher than mine at home, which is fine.  Except I’m less then 2 pounds lower than my weigh in last week, so I’ll be up on their scale.  If that makes sense.

Plus I have the munchies bad today.  That’s the side effect of pigging out.  *sigh*  I’m ok now because I’m at work.  But I’ll be going to lunch soon.  Oh, and I have absolutely no desire to drink water today.  I think it’s because it’s cold here and I just never want to drink water when I’m cold.

good thing I have Pump Up tonight!

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Ugg… sodium

mizzie on Jan 20th 2012 08:10 am

So today is my weigh day, but I’m holding off on updating my ticker or my spreadsheet until tomorrow.  As of yesterday morning, my weight was down about 2 pounds from last week.  That’s pretty much what I’m aiming for, so that was fine by me.

Well, last night my husband brought home pizza for dinner.  In his defense, it was late and we were all hungry and pizza is fast.  Anyway, I did go over my calorie range, but I was still under my BMR so I know I’m not going to gain from it.

But, this morning I was back up to the same weight that I was last Friday.  Well, I know I didn’t gain 2 pounds overnight and I didn’t eat that many calories anyway.  It’s only water weight from all the sodium yesterday.  So I’m hitting the water hard today and making sure my sodium intake is low and I’ll do my official weigh in tomorrow.

Plus I have Pump Up tonight!  Yea!  And I was thinking of missing it earlier in the week because I have a Girl Scout thing tonight also, but I think I’ll still be able to make both.  It’ll just be busy, lol.

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Burning calories, baby!

mizzie on Jan 19th 2012 02:20 pm

So, last night I really didn’t feel like going to Pump Up class.  It was cold here (-20 F, with a -40 windchill) and I was tired.  But I made myself go, partially because I missed on Monday (Girl Scout meeting, I’m the leader) and partially because there was the possibility of missing on Friday.  Plus, I paid for this class.

Anyway, so I went and the owner/instructor brought her heart rate monitor for me to use.  I had said last week that I was thinking of getting one.  So she programmed it for me and I used it during class.  Burned 550 calories!!!  WOO-HOO!!!  That was just very exciting and made me that much more motivated to keep going.  That’s an insane amount of calories for me, since I’m not exactly an athlete.

I was thinking I might have to miss on Friday because of another Girl Scout thing, but that runs from 5-7 and class starts at 7:15.  I’ll have to leave a bit early and hurry, but I’m determined to make it to class.  I was actually a little sad this morning because it wasn’t a class day.  LOL

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Here we go…

mizzie on Jan 18th 2012 10:24 am

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to start this blog for weeks now and I just keep putting it off.  😛  Now I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on.  Well, here it goes:

I suppose I should start with my history.  I was not a chubby kid.  I weighed about 135 when I graduated high school and wore a size 8-10 jeans and meduim-large shirts because even when I am skinny I have hips and boobs.  I remember thinking at the time that I was fat because there was no way I was fitting into size 2-4 like some of the girls I knew.  Silly me!

Anyway, then college happened.  You’ve heard of the Freshman 15?  For me it was more like the freshman 40.  By time I was done at 23, I weighed about 200 pounds.  I have no excuse, no deep seated issues, I’m just lazy and like junk food.  Time went on, had a child, and finally topped off at 220.

In February 2010, I decided it was time.  I realized there was nothing I could do to change the past, but sitting around complaining about my weight wasn’t going to get me anywhere.  My philosophy is do something about it or shut up.  Whining gets you nowhere.  I decided that my goal was to get under 150, since that would put me at a healthy BMI.  So, I started cutting out junk and soda.  Then I discovered calorie counting and did some research on it and how to lose weight in a healthy way.  I added exercise to my weekly routine.  By November of that year, I was down to 153.

It was great!  I lost at a really even steady rate and I felt awesome.  My energy was way up and I actually craved activity over food.  I had managed to almost completely eliminate my desire for unhealthy food, even if someone ate it right in front of me.

But then I hit a plateau and lost less than a pound in a month and a half.  It was horrible.  On top of that, I was sick to death of all my exercise DVDs and the gym (we lived in an apartment that included a workout room) and it was too cold to do anything outside.  I decided to take a week “off” and eat at maintenance calories to kind of shock my body back into weight loss.  I was so close to my goal, it was maddening.

Well, a week turned into months, then a year.  And maintenance turned into going back to all my old ways.  I wound up putting 45 pounds back on.  I’m mad and disappointed with myself, but it is what it is and the only thing I can do now is work at it.  I didn’t want to start before the holidays, so I waited until January 2nd and that’s my official start over date.  No, this isn’t a New Years thing, it’s just when the timing worked out.

So far so good.  I’m tracking my calories and I aim to have between 1200 and 1400 daily.  This does worry me a bit, because I know I shouldn’t go below 1200, but my calorie needs will be less when I get down to the 150s.  That might have been part of the issue before.  But I’ll take it as it comes.  I also take an hour long exercise class M/W/F which is light weight training mixed with cardio.  It’s a pretty good class and she changes the routine every month, which is exactly what you want to do.

In addition I’m doing a local Weight Loss Challenge that’s put on by Signature Nutrition (local business that sells protein shakes, more on that later) and Anytime Fitness.  The top prize is a one year membership to Anytime Fitness, so I’m pretty excited about that!

I lost 3 pounds the first week I was doing this and one pound last week.  I’m not too worried that last week was a little lower, since I was bad over the weekend plus it was TOM and I had a day there where I just couldn’t stop feeling hungry.  So I was actually pretty excited that I still lost one pound, to be honest.  Unofficial peeks at the scale show that this week should be pretty good also.

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