Back on Track

Last night I was able to go back to the WW meetings since the financial crisis is now over.  I missed two weeks and didn’t know that I would have to pay for the weeks that I didn’t attend which honestly, I think is wrong. But regardless, I’m back to going to the meetings.

I don’t understand why he feels the need to do this, but my father makes comments regularly about me not eating the right things, eating too much etc. As a matter of fact just this week he asked, “What happened to the diet?” I told him nothing had happened. He looked me over and said, “Obviously it did.”

I find it funny however, because when I weighed in tonight I had lost 9.2lbs. So obviously whether he thinks that I am or not, I am doing something right.

Food Journals

I sort of fell off the wagon for about a week or so but I’m happy to say that I’m back on track.  We’re going to be going back to the Weight Watchers meetings starting this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll see and increase when I weigh in but I know I can get it back off.  I’m going to triple my efforts from now on.

Here are my food journals for the past few days:

Friday April 10, 2009

Chicken Breast 4 pts
Rice Crackers 3 pts
Hot Wings 18 pts
Orange 2pts

Daily Total 27 pts

I think I overestimated on the hot wings, but better safe than sorry.

Saturday April 11, 2009

Chicken Strips 5 pts
Graham Crackers w/ Cool Whip 1 pt
Veggie Burger 2 pts
WW Chocolates 5 pts
Peanuts 2 pts
Chips Ahoy 4 pts
Cheese Stick 2 pts

Daily Total 25 pts

So still a lot of junk food, but I was stuck with what we had in the house. We went grocery shopping though and have stocked up on some better stuff.

Sunday April 12, 2009

WW Chocolates 2 pts
Mixed Veggies 0 pts
Chicken Breast 6 pts
Chips Ahoy 8 pts
Meat Loaf 5 pts
Veggie Burger 2 pts

Daily Total 23 pts

Monday April 13, 2009

Asian-Style Pot Stickers Lean Cuisine 5 pts
Chips Ahoy 4 pts
Applesauce 1 pt
Tilapia Sandwich 8 pts

WW Weeks 7 & 8 + School

It’s been a couple weeks since my last entry. Sorry  I’ve been focusing mostly on school which I’ll get to in a moment but first I’ll report on my weight loss. Each of the past two weeks I’ve lost 1.8 lbs. My total weight loss is now 16 lbs. I’m 2 pounds shy of my 5% target. My mom is doing great. She reached her 10% target this week. That’s a total of 29 lbs lost for her. I have been walking more lately, but I still need to put more effort into it and do it every day. I’m sure that it will be nothing but helpful.

As for school, it’s going well but it’s about to start getting harder. I made 102 on the first test (there was extra credit and I missed one question) 94 on the second and 87 on the third. I don’t like this downward trend at all and the mistakes that I made were stupid ones. For example I had the right answer then agonized over it and changed it to the wrong answer. We had another test Wednesday and I’m pretty sure I made 100 on it. Probably more than that as it had a 7 point extra credit question which I am pretty positive I got correct.

We have two big tests coming up then after Spring Break we will start getting graded on sticking the dummy arms. We’ll do that for two weeks then it’s on to sticking each other. I’m still a bit nervous about that but I’m sure I’ll get over it. One of the reasons I got into Phlebotomy was to get over my ridiculous fear of needles. I’m usually better at book work than hands on stuff but I just have to work on my confidence and I know I can do it. Class ends in June then there’s 2 weeks or so of clinicals followed by the state exam. After that I will be a certified Phlebotomist. The only other thing I have to worry about is getting my driver’s license but I’m going to hassle my parents and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have it by May.


I bought a new pair of pants yesterday in the same size as the pair that I bought last week, thinking they were the exact same thing only a different color, unfortunately I was wrong.  They’re similar but not the exact same pants.  I was getting out my clothes to wear to school and tried them on, they’re a little too tight.  I could probably wear them but they wouldn’t be very comfortable so I’m not going to.  But I think in a couple weeks they should be fine.  Now I’ve had to throw some clothes in the washer and postpone my shower.  It’s a good thing I chopped my hair off last week, it takes no time to dry now! lol

Walks and School

I just got back from a walk with Savannah. Maybe five minutes into a cat went streaking across the road in front of us. Savannah didn’t react at all which I was very glad about, then a second later another cat went streaking after the first one. She didn’t react to that one either, which I fully attribute to just plain dumb luck lol. She’s been doing pretty good on our walks. I’m still using the gentle leader unfortunately. Back around Christmas I took her and Adam to see the lights and didn’t use the gentle leader. Her pulling was AWFUL. I really want to get her off of it though. I might try her harness tomorrow but I’m pretty sure she’ll pull with it too. I was thinking about getting one of the no pull harnesses but I’ve read mixed reviews about those. I would love to just be able to use her plain collar though. I’ve tried “being a tree” and going in the opposite direction when she pulls but neither has worked so far.

I clocked it today and it took 21 minutes to walk a mile. I don’t really know if that’s good or bad lol. I can say though that it’s much easier to do than when I first started. Maybe next week I’ll add some more distance.

As far as I know I have class at six. No one has called yet to cancel it. I really hope the books are in. I’m getting pretty frustrated with it. If I’m paying for the class I want to be learning and I want to be ready to take the test at the end! This is week three and we’ve had 2 thirty minute classes, one hour long class and one cancelled class. Only ten more weeks to go and we really haven’t learned much of anything.

Weight Watchers Week 5

I lost 1.8 lbs this week bringing my total loss to 12lbs. after 5 weeks. My mom is still going with me and has lost a total of 20.2lbs! I’m so happy for her. This coming week I really need to get back to exercising. I’ve been busier than usual, but I’m not going to get into the habit of making excuses.

I haven’t take the time to update since Thursday, but my weigh in was okay. I didn’t gain or lose anything, which of course is still much better than gaining. I’m still feeling positive about Weight Watchers. As a matter of fact, yesterday I bought a new outfit that I’m sure would not have fit properly had I not lost the ten pounds. I’m not planning to buy a bunch of new clothes, since I’m losing weight but I would like to get a couple more pairs of pants. It sounds odd, but hopefully the new ones I get I won’t be wearing long. Meaning I hope I keep losing and going down in size lol.

Still nothing going on with driving. I tried to get my mother to let me yesterday and she wouldn’t. My dad says he will, but then never does. I guess it’s going to be up to Jessie. I’ll bring it up to her later. I think she is going back to Columbia tomorrow to get Adam and Raider but should be here the rest of the week.

Well, I have class tonight and haven’t really done much studying so I’m off to do that.

Week 3 on WW

I’m so relieved. This week I lost 4.8 lbs. As strange as it sounds, I actually ate more this week. I was trying to reach my daily points because I was told on the forum that will help you lose. It brings my total loss to 10.2lbs. I’ve also been drinking more milk so perhaps that helped also. I don’t actually drink plain milk. I got the instant breakfast shakes and make them using light soy milk. I just can’t stand the taste of plain milk, but these I can manage to drink. I also walked a mile a couple days ago. I need to do it daily. This week I’m going to try to do it twice a day and see how it goes.

Two other exciting pieces of news before I end this. Monday I got my permit again. Jessie is going to take me to practice driving and both parents have said that they will as well. I can’t wait until I can actually get in my car and go wherever I want. I don’t think that I mentioned here that my Dad gave me the Equinox but he said as long as I can pay the payments it’s mine.

That’s where the other exciting news comes in. Today I registered for a Phlebotomy Technician course at Tech. I start Monday. I’ll have class three hours two nights a week. Thankfully neither class will interfere with my WW meetings. When I’m done I’ll have a job where I can make between $15 and $18 an hour. I’m so excited about it all!

Third Weight Watchers Meeting

Last week I had a 6.6 lb loss.  Unfortunately I gained 1.2 lbs this week.  I’m pretty sure it had to do with the barbecue my Dad cooked.  I thought the amount I had was ok, but I obviously could have been wrong.  I’m also not sure if I’m right in the assumption that air popped popcorn is 0 points.  I have had quite a bit of that the past few days.  For now I’ll just stick with the microwave popcorn that I know is only 1 point.  I am a little discouraged, but I know that this happens and it just motivates me to work harder.  I am definitely going to start eating breakfast and walking more.  I want to get a pedometer and see if I can get the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs.  I have a dance one but it’s a little more than I can keep up with at this point.  The bottom line is I’m going to be much stricter this week like I was week one.  We’ll see if it pays off this coming Thursday.

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