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OH no!!! Grain some weight since my big lost

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I had started a new job at the fast food restaurant and went from 99kg to 101kg because my boss gives me free food on my break. Plus there was a Christmas holiday disaster that made me finished at nearly 103kg. I don’t diet at the moment but I am glad that it’s January and [...]

Lost some but didn’t reach my goal

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Hello again,
my latest post was in march and a lot of have happen. First of all I weight 99 kg now and I have lost 6kg since my last post. Before I have started this blog my heaviest weight was 108kg and that was in January 2013. I am happy that I have lost 9 [...]

Welcome to my new blog!!!

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Today is the first time I have ever blogged and I never blogged about weight lost before. This time is a good time to start because I want to be at least size 12 by August so I can be thin on my holidays aboard. I have 4 months to get down from size 20 [...]