Hello again,
my latest post was in march and a lot of have happen. First of all I weight 99 kg now and I have lost 6kg since my last post. Before I have started this blog my heaviest weight was 108kg and that was in January 2013. I am happy that I have lost 9 kg but I have to go down to 75kg to be healthy. I start doing going to slimming world and I am really happy with my group motivation. I got a Christmas tree picture to keep my motivated. It’s 14 weeks left till Christmas so my new weekly target is to lose 1.4 kg each week. Altogether 19 in 14 weeks. It will leave me with 5 kg to lose. I am not thing about my dream size because if I weight 75kg and I don’t like my size then I could do exercises that reduce my waist line not weight like weights in the gym. I am size 18 now.