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Me oh my. hehe, I never thought I”d be saying this but dieting this time around is downright EASY. I’m going the vegetarian route as stated before…..and wow. it makes things so simple. I stay away from ‘vegetarian’ things like french fries, and all that unhealthy stuff, easy enough for some reason! And I’m eating […]

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Over on the 100 + lbs to lose board, there is a thread about inspirational/motivation quotes. I notice that most of the quotes are very empowering in a personal sort of way, things like this: “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a […]

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Well, I seemed to have forgotten about this blog! I’ve been using the one over at www.sparkpeople.com (yes I moved there from the daily plate) Anyhow…I spent about 3 months losing and gaining the saem 5 lbs. I am back on track now though, have recently become vegetarian and will start back exercising in a […]

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