No gifts from the scale. Bah Humbug!


The scale still reads about 187-188.
No changes there.
The best that can be said is I am not gaining this Holiday Season!
I should be thankful for that given the recent menu & handouts.

I have received a lot of Holiday foods and only tasted a few.
Not beginning another new year at near 200 again.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all who pass by.

NO peeking allowed!


Everything is stacked up in the corner.
Told Jen there is NO peeking allowed this week.
Patience….Christmas is almost here.

The week was just barely OK.
NO journaling.
Bare essentials for exercise.
Food was OK but not great.
Water was sparse.

Not a good start to the Holiday week to come.
I better watch it this week or the gain is going to be huge.

So on the menu is low fat dinners and lower carbs.
I would like to enjoy my Christmas dinner next week
and not feel stuffed starting the week before!!!!!!

That’s the plan. Adding back “in” all the missing goals.


Santa was a busy man last week

Just like Santa, I have been busy getting all festive for the Holidays.
Magically your heart feels lighter & the mind fills with visions of sugarplums.

All the basic stuff is done.
Did the shopping and held back a bit on goodies.
Trying not to gain a ton of weight this month.
I would really like to lose another pound or two….or even three!

Another fairly good week:
*ate well but a little light on the fluids

Pretty much stuck to the routine.
Weight was 188 this morning….no change. Sigh.


Looks like the land of Oz here


Tinsel & lights & decorations OH MY!
All I need is Toto running around!
The house looks cozy and that’s all I care about.

It’s all about feeling comfortable for 2013.
I want to be comfortable in my own skin too.
Happy with who I have become.
That’s the plan.

Had a good week.
Lots of pain but the rest was OK.
Good food choices.
Fluids were good.
Can’t really complain today about anything. YIPPEE!

Weight: 188 🙂


Back to routines


Although I have been keeping up with my exercise routine,
I fell off the food bandwagon during the storms.
It’s been slow going getting back on schedule.
I was eating dinner between 3 & 4 PM just to keep up with volunteering.
SO GLAD that’s all over with now.
That kind of life is not for me anymore.

Nice surprise on the scale….189 lbs this morning.
Let’s hope that it continues to either go down or stay there.

This week was much better:
journaled daily
meditated daily
exercised daily
ate lots of turkey!! LOL
even had some salads.


Thanksgiving week

There are a lot of things to be grateful for this year.
Least of which is health & happiness.
We do have an abundance of that in our house.
Although we are not rich in material things, we have each other.
A good lesson learned from all the storm damages.

My week was ok and I lost one pound .
Not great but I’ll take it.
I started journaling and exercising every day.
Routines are my savior.
I really need to go food shopping but we weren’t up to it yet.
Jen’s BF got some groceries but not like we buy.
So “food is just food” this weekend. HA!
I need to get more fluids in. I feel parched.
Nothing else is new.

null 191.5 lbs.


The dreaded weigh-in


OMG!!! I GAINED WHAT???? 3 1/2 LBS????
God help me. We had no money, no healthy food to speak of and
no gas to get to a supermarket even if we did have money.
But we are alive, had heat & electric almost the whole time and
we stayed safe & sound. Can’t ask for more.

I have to get to the store this week and begin again.
Back on the weighloss road and my good intentions!!
Or is that…the weightloss road is paved with my good intentions. LOL

So….weight is 192.5…..lottsa water!!!
Time to get to exercising.

It’s Sandy’s fault

I haven’t lost any weight except for 1/2 a pound.
It’s hurricane Sandy’s fault.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! ROFL
So there are no big numbers on the scale this week either.
Not that I have big numbers anyway.

I did journal.
I exercised everyday.
Food choices were good.
Liquid intake was also good.

I am taking the weekend off from exercising.
Been doing odd jobs for both Housing & the Seniors.
I don’t want to be overdoing it.


Fog in the City

Lots of fog in town today.
Reminds me of the old Sci-Fi movies.
Scary scene outside. Perfect for a Fall Day!

It was a good week.
I ate well.
But the scale is not cooperating at all.
Maybe this is the Living Lean weight as they say.
The weight my body is comfortable with sitting
in this chair and leading this kind of life.
Who knows!!!!
I am just happy not to be gaining this week.

null 190 Lbs.


Taking time


Today I will take the time out to meditate.
Doing it as soon as I post this.
Hours pass and then next thing I know it’s bedtime and no meditation!

The week was an OK one.
Did all my exercises.
Journaled on & off….lazy.
Food & water were both good.
There was room for improvement I will admit.
The scale did not move.

Face is looking good BUT……
I think if I stopped using the new stuff the flaking would begin again.
Something is wrong on the “inside”.
Maybe it really is the caffeine and meds.
Both have “drying” properties. Just a thought.
Dr said try olive oil & dipping bread or veggies in it.
Easy for him to say.
I can ‘t have raw veggies & bread is like a cork. ROFLMAO

I need to cook some food so I am not tempted during the week.
Sunday is a good cooking day.