I’ve heard of Baby Steps but…..

…..this is ridiculous.
Weight is still 185.
This week I weighed every day.
It fluctuated between 185-188. WTF!?!
I just wanted to see with the NS food how the week was going.
It goes the same way as regular foods but downward at a snails pace.
Guess I will try it till the 5th month is overwith. The price is right.
And of course I LOVE the ease of this plan.
I am on week 7 I think.
Jan 11th was the first day.

Journaling is easier on the NS website.
So I gave up the written journal for now.
Water, food & exercise were very good.
I did miss a snack or 2 when working & meals were a tad late.
All in all I feel pretty good.

Can’t wait for Winter to end.
The body is throwing hissy fits with the cold.. 🙁


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