Beachy thoughts……

Thinking warm thoughts and ignoring the falling thermometer!!
That’s the theme for this 3 day weekend!
Sand, surf, beach blanket & little umbrella drinks!

Weigh: 185. Doing the happy dance.
Also doing Nutrisystem since 1/11. So far so good.
Anything is better than the 193 I saw not so long ago on the scale.
Made me almost cry that day. 🙁

Food of course is good.
Water is 90% good.
Exercise is even better than the others above. LOL
Journaling… on the NS site to log in food & such.
Keeps me honest.

I am doing the NS program like I do the Michael Thurmond program.
Using the NS foods, I combine MT’s way of thinking.
It works out better for me. Obviously cause 8 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. LOL
I expect the losses to slow down now to maybe a 1/2 lb a week or even slower.
I always have a great start and then the inactivity catches up with me. So I wait & see.
But for now I am loving my scale. 🙂


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