It’s Sandy’s fault

I haven’t lost any weight except for 1/2 a pound.
It’s hurricane Sandy’s fault.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! ROFL
So there are no big numbers on the scale this week either.
Not that I have big numbers anyway.
I did journal.
I exercised everyday.
Food choices were good.
Liquid intake was also good.
I am taking the weekend off [...]

Fog in the City

Lots of fog in town today.
Reminds me of the old Sci-Fi movies.
Scary scene outside. Perfect for a Fall Day!
It was a good week.
I ate well.
But the scale is not cooperating at all.
Maybe this is the Living Lean weight as they say.
The weight my body is comfortable with sitting
in this chair and leading this kind of [...]

Taking time

Today I will take the time out to meditate.
Doing it as soon as I post this.
Hours pass and then next thing I know it’s bedtime and no meditation!
The week was an OK one.
Did all my exercises.
Journaled on & off….lazy.
Food & water were both good.
There was room for improvement I will admit.
The scale did not move.
Face [...]

A Pumpkin-y kind of Saturday

Really smelling like Fall today.
I see colder weather moving in too.
Not a big fan of Winter but what can we do??
This week flew by.
Journaled every day.
Stuck with my own food.
Turned down a VERY salty lunchdate.
Exercised & stretched 6 days this week.
New products from Origins are working.
One eye is not happy with anything I use. sigh.
But [...]