Falling into Autumn

Not a bad week at all.
I got a lot of personal stuff done.
Worked in the office.
Turned down more crap….both food & work.
Went shopping alone in the rain. LOL
Sticking to the food I bought.
Staying hydrated…so to speak. (a little short)
Exercised every day……one way or the other.
Wt. 191.5 lbs
Weight went up to 192.5 so it’s headed [...]

Another Saturday with……………

……nothing to do but be lazy.
I am keeping up with meditating on a semi-regular basis.
Keeping the weekends just for me unless I get called out.
I did this years ago and not sure how it got trampled on.
Some food choices could have been a LOT better.
Carbs are creeping in there….funny how that happens. LOL
I didn’t [...]

It’s that “back to school” time of the year

Seems funny to see the kids getting on a school bus already.
Where is this year going?
Good week for me and it ended up on a high note.
Spent time with friends both here & from India.
It was nice to have a chat with someone who is calm!!
His heart is so filled with peace and love. Great [...]

Almost Autumn

With the newly mown lawn, it smelled like Autumn outside this morning.
Reminding me that Winter is not as far away as I would like it to be!!
I’ve never seen a year fly by as quickly as this one has. SCARY!
This week was good except for not feeling 100%.
Ate well
Avoided office takeout & rested
Water intake was [...]

Labor of Weightloss

This week was a bust health wise but…
I stuck to the plan as much as I could:
Journaled every day
Got the water in
Did wash loads!
Food was sporadic cause of meds
All in all…..not too shabby.
Lost 2 lbs but that was water weight.
Been bloating on & off.
Here’s to a better week. CHEERS!!!
HAPPY [...]