Sunday’s addition to the “nono” list…..


While on the hunt for scent free and GOOD products….
I found Aveeno shampoos waaaay too scented for me.
I tried one last night and “forgetaboutit”. 🙁
So much scent that my eyes & sinuses went nutso.
I had to wash my hair all over again!
AND I had to take a Zyrtec. GEEZ
Suffered ALL day.
Not even going to try the other one…my DD can have them both.

The face cleanser seems to be going ok.
The moisturizer is just too scented for me also……I think.
Going to try it again this week.
While it takes longer, it too bothers the eyes & sinuses.
This allergy/asthma crap is driving me nuts. Ding-a-ling.

Despite this….the week was a good one:
Food choices were good.
Turned down 2 take-out meal offers
Got outside for my 15 mins of “sunlight” each day
(even tho some days were cloudy)

No weightloss.
sc 189.5 lbs.


2 Responses to “Sunday’s addition to the “nono” list…..”

  1. Boo that the Aveeno didn’t work for you. Yay for making good choices. 😉 (Love the pic.)

  2. Sorry the Aveeno caused problems. Guess you have to search for stuff that has no dyes or perfumes whatsoever.

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