A Saturday Sleep-in


Some beautiful sunshine, a clear sky and a Saturday morning coffee treat.
Now that is what I call a great beginning to the weekend.
Even if I do live in a City.

Felt good to roll over and doze for another hour this morning.
I have nothing planned for the weekend.
Just rest & general cleaning.
One more day of work on Monday and then the boss is back.
Glad it’s almost over.

The week was a little shaky.
Still finding it hard to work and keep a routine of sorts.
Too many gotta have it now needy people.
Thank God Monday is the end of this insanity.
Why I keep thinking people will change is beyond me.
I guess it’s the optimist in me.

Good things:
I did delegate all week.
I did say no & pass the buck.
I did take time to go get my sinus meds.
I did take breaks!!

Ideas for next week include:
Eating more food.
No skipping meals. (seems to be my biggest problem)

wt Wt: 189 lbs.

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