Sunday’s addition to the “nono” list…..

While on the hunt for scent free and GOOD products….
I found Aveeno shampoos waaaay too scented for me.
I tried one last night and “forgetaboutit”.
So much scent that my eyes & sinuses went nutso.
I had to wash my hair all over again!
AND I had to take a Zyrtec. GEEZ
Suffered ALL day.
Not even going to try [...]

Aveeno…..take me away!

All the Aveeno products just arrived.
Today will be day one for the cleansers….body & face.
In a few days I’ll try the 2 moisturizers.
Then see what happens.
If everything is OK then I get to try the 2 shampoos next week.
One at a time. Fingers are crossed.
Although the Ultra Calming Cleanser is unscented,
the moisturizer is NOT.
I was [...]

A real cookin’ weekend

Decided to do some cooking this weekend.
This way it’s a heat ‘n’ eat week.
I love them… easy.
Last week went very well even with the “hurry up I need you” calls:
Exercised @ day….even did upper body twice.
Ate food I planned on
Said NO to junk
Got my water in
Saw the Dr and he is pleased
Meditation is working
BP is [...]

Another Soggy Saturday

Wonder if the sun will return?
Seems like a lot of rainy days here on the coast.
Keeps me busy indoors but too close to the kitchen!!
The week was good. Kept to a routine of sorts.
Not perfect but better than when I was working.
Journaled. Stuck to my food plan.
Skipped office treats & lunch invites.
Got my exercise done [...]


Sunday is more than half gone already.
Another weekend that flew by too quickly.
Stocked the fridge with water & seltzer.
I cooked & food is ready for the week.
No excuses for making bad choices.
I’ve been eating too many salty foods.
Need to get rid of the bloat now.
This week also better include doing the laundry!
A naked old fat [...]

A Saturday Sleep-in

Some beautiful sunshine, a clear sky and a Saturday morning coffee treat.
Now that is what I call a great beginning to the weekend.
Even if I do live in a City.
Felt good to roll over and doze for another hour this morning.
I have nothing planned for the weekend.
Just rest & general cleaning.
One more day of [...]