Trying to take care of all the nit natty things today.
Then the weekend is all mine.
I cooked yesterday for the next 2 days.
Even with the predicted heat, I hope to get a few minutes outside in the mornings.
7/8 - 7/14:
Drank water
Exercised every day
Food was ok…. not great
Put time in the office
Weight is still in [...]

Sunday is for God

Every Sunday the building is silent when I awake.
As the morning progresses, you can smell coffee brewing and bread toasting.
Such comforting aromas that let you know somethings do NOT change.
I will fill this day with good thoughts and make plans for the week.
I need to make time for some work in the office too.
It all [...]

In my mind……

this is where I will spend my weekend…….

Thank God for imaginations.
I can travel anywhere I want to go. No packing required….or passports!
I felt better yesterday and again today. Just a tiny bit fragile.
Maybe this is the beginning of the road to a full recovery.
Spent time with the Seniors and sat outside last night for [...]

3 day weekend

After food shopping I went downstairs and worked yesterday.
I have decided on a 3 day weekend.
Kind of a belated 4th of July celebration.
Shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday was great.
They finally have the main entrees that I adore back in stock.
They’re sold as fresh but I fill up the freezer.
The packaging is great for freezing.
Hoping my [...]

Happy Birthday America!

The one thing I miss the most is BBq’d hamburgers & hotdogs!
Someone offered to bring me leftovers but it’s not the same.
Maybe I could cook them over my electric burner on a stick! LOL
Speaking of foods…..
I have finally dwindled my shopping list down.
It now contains the foods that are not only healthier,
but foods that [...]

Library time

I just got an e-mail to tell me to renew my library card.
Funny cause I have a pile of books here ready to return.
I’ve been reading a lot this Summer.
Haven’t done that in a very long time.
Using the books to fill in the gaps of “retirement”.
Boredom was leading to anxiety…..and God knows I don’t need [...]


There is still just something magical about weekends to me.
I can feel the excitement building up beginning on Friday.
I never try to figure out why or how this happens.
I just go with the flow enjoying every exciting moment.
Then the office closes at 4 PM.
I wave goodbye.
And I sit in the Lobby for a second as [...]