A Mocha Sunday

Sometimes a gal just needs to feel naughty.
But after 2 TJ Mocha Coffees I might be sorry later on. LOL

The day began lousy with vertigo.
But it ended up with me finding my beautiful brand new Christmas quilt.
Watching the Christmas movie marathon reminded me where I stowed it.
Tomorrow I’ll take it to the laundry room.
Made me feel better just talking it out of the plastic zipper bag.
Don’t tell my friends but I am SO ready for the Holidays.
(so is my daughter)

Very bloated and weight is still 189.
Not sure why this keeps happening.
I feel fine except for the ear thing.
I did have a glass of ice tea the other day and noticed the feet swelling.
Gotta be the sugar?? Lord knows.

Goals for the week:
Eat meals on time…..people & things can wait.
Make a shopping list….some of the foods this week were great.
Get the wash caught up. I CAN DO THIS!
Exercise & journal every day.
Vacuum the bedroom & next weekend use the rug shampooer!
That’s good enough.


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