2 Days of Christmas in July


It’s not like I haven’t seen all the Hallmark Christmas movies but….
I actually set my alarm for 6 AM so I wouldn’t miss
a minute of Day 1 of the Christmas Movie Marathon.
I need all the smiles and good thoughts I can get.
A bit of turkey & a mince meat pie would go well here!

I have been avoiding my Dr by canceling the visits for 2 weeks now.
Bad Mellie. On Monday I will call and make an appt for him to come here.
Jen will be home Friday & she would like to see him too. Back pain from a fall.
Thank God for housecalls! He’s a good man.

I have nothing to really do this weekend…..might a bad thing.
I have a tendency to over eat and feel crappy when bored.

Pain-wise….this is a better day than the last few.
Not sure how I managed that but I think I have a better routine now.
Also by eliminating the foods/meds that were constantly getting the gastro going,
I have been able to take some NSAIDS again without the nausea.
The written journal is really a lifesaver.
I cannot say that enough.

The TV is singing Dashing Thru The Snow….lalala
Gotta go…..missing The Town That Santa Forgot!!!


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