Simply back to Basics 101

Such a wonderful weekend made for a great Monday wake up. Smiling all over the place even with the clouds still hanging in the sky. Feels like Fall more than Summer outside…..and inside! Speaking of INSIDE…………. Today I put water in the fridge and need to get some of that inside me! I did notice […]

Sunday’s scoreboard

The weekend is progressing nicely. I decided not do a big cooking session. Instead I am going to nuke frozen entrees from TJ’s each day. In the mood for Shepherd’s Pie & Beef Stir-fry. I did HB the eggs, and steamed more rice & veggies. Gotta love my steamer! Load, set & leave! I find […]

Sinfully Sunny Saturday

The first thing I am going to do today is get off the computer, take my coffee outside and have a lovely sit down…..all by myself. The building is still quiet and no one will need me for anything yet. Still feeling the results of the past 2 days but it’s getting better. Calm is […]

Things that make you go…Hmmmmm?

I cannot believe I am writing this down but…… I am embarassed to admit that I actually threw a temper tantrum yesterday! Anger was pouring out of every pore on my body. I was so angry, that I was cussing a blue streak all over the place. It must have looked like a maniac had […]

Freedom is closer than I think

There is something very cathartic about closet cleaning. I felt like I was cleaning up my whole life. One pile for keeping and one for giving. NONE FOR SAVING! Fresh starts begin with “cleaning house”. Another day of feeling better. I am a bit sensitive to what people are saying and how they’re acting. My […]

Searching for a happy thought

The happiness of yesterday changed with just one short phone call. My old wheelchair can no longer be fixed and is going to that cast off pile in the sky. We’ve been together since 1990 and it was a great part of my life. Very sad to see it go. They just don’t make them […]

Rainy days & Tuesdays………..

Good morning Mr. Journal. So nice of you to be waiting here for me. The week is going by so quickly & I am feeling stronger each day. I don’t want to jinx it by bragging. Sticking with softer foods for now and it’s working. Too bad cause there is a whole freezer filled with […]

Guilty Pleasures

Let them eat cake….and I did. Trader Joe’s Flourless chocolate cake. VERY decadent but NOT diet friendly!! I did get exercise, water and REAL food in yesterday. Breakfast did make a difference in how the day progressed. I do feel better today but the anxiety was there this morning. Even though he thinks it’s the […]

Sunday musings

Keeping the momentum of yesterday going……. I started the day off with breakfast. I am going to make this my “no think” meal…. I got the idea from Dr Oz a long time ago. He said everyone should have a meal that doesn’t require any planning or thinking. So I’ll prepare things ahead of time […]

Getting started

Part II: Green journey. Lots of googling today. BP, asthma, also simpler recipes & a few weightloss ideas. Found some of the breathing techniques the Dr mentioned. Thinking I need to get a notebook to hold all the new info collected. It would be easier to grab & read if I organize it and help […]