A friend of mine is in trouble….work being dumped on her.
There is nothing worse than not being able to help.
I have spoken to everyone I can think of but to no avail.
Usually these men help out….not this time.
There must be a piece to the puzzle that I don’t have.
Oh well. I tried.

I hate feeling helpless and used to consider this a failure for ME.
Last night I realized I’ve been doing this for YEARS!!!!
Isn’t it funny how one day your eyes open and there is a new outlook?
Talk about guilt imposed by others…………..
I forgot about guilt imposed by MYSELF!

That’s another thing that has to end this year.
The list is growing longer!! LOL

Went to refill my little pill box and realized the pills end tonite.
All I can say is thank God!
Happy Friday.

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