This way to Paris


Sometimes on weekends myself & a friend like to pretend we are somewhere else.
We travel in our minds to places we’ll never get to.
Usually it’s an exotic beach somewhere but this time it’s Gay Paree!
So this weekend I will be eating quiche & she has made vegetable soup.
By the end of the 2 days we both hope to be more relaxed.
Believe me it works. 😀 A good kind of head game.

The weekend is also weigh-in time. Hoping to have either lost or maintained.
I have been taking good care of myself but had a few bumps in the road anyway.
Not sure what’s going on but the Dr said I still need patience.
About running out of that!!!
I’ve been logging food & drink in a written journal.
Trying to find any culprits that begin the gastro probs.
Now he is saying I need to try and eliminate seeds and such.
He’s hoping to avoid any “diver” problems down the road…..
and quite frankly so am I!!!!!
I have no need for more pain or hospitals!!
About had enough of that too.

Going to google and see what kinds of foods fall into that catagory.
Guess my Trader Joe’s bagels with “everything on it” are the first to go!! (sob)
Happy Friday.

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