What is my problem

Posted matilda08 on December 30th, 2009 | Filed under Journal

This is a very hard thing for me to do. Ive struggled with my weight for 10 years now. I will admitt that Ive never really tried to lose weight until 4/08 I lost 35lbs and gained almost all of it back. I really is harder to keep the weight off. Ive been calorie counting but I dont stick to anything. I really think I need professional help. In my mind I know that I have what it takes to lose weight but I am more concerned with the life time change and emotional end of things. I k now I am an emotional and over eater. I eat when I am not hungry. I eat junk. I truly need to find a better way to have a great relationship with food. I dont even want to be skinny. I just want to make it to 180-190. Thats not much but its very hard to STICK to my plan. I dont even have a issue with making it to the gym. Its food. I def cannot turn it down at work. I really need will power and strenght to make it through this LONG TERM. I wish I could find a support group near me besides WW. I dont really know how i feel about WW. Ill keep trying. 2010 should be better!

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  1. 299lbs Says:

    2010 _is_ going to get better – but, if you feel that you need prof. help then I suggest you get it now before you’ll regret not doing it sooner 🙂


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