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So I finally got serious about counting my calories and weighing my foods. I log my calories on my dailyplate and my total intake is 1800 per day which i think is pretty good for the past few days ive been fine and not extra hungry. I have been using the ellipticle machine for 30mins at a time and im starting to enjoy it. i really feel the burn after. I have decided to not put much pressure on myself regarding my goal weight just continue to do what i am doing and I know I will see results.


I have a lot on my plate with school work and the two children but part of it feels great being so busy but some days i want to pull my hair out lol.

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  1. butterfly34 Says:

    I too have 2 kids…go to school…and I work…and I know just what you mean. Some days are like a well oiled machine and others are just chaos!!!

    Great job on the weighing and keeping track of the calorie intake. I find that either I work out and eat crap…or I eat really healthy and won’t workout. If I could just get both at the same time I would probably see better results… I am working on it!!! 🙂

    Great job!!!

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