Posted matilda08 on August 7th, 2009 | Filed under Journal

went to the gym last night did 30mins of jogging/walking felt great afterward did five mins on the eliptical I guess ill have to work my way into that because it had me burnt just for those five mins lol I havent measured myself since my training session in july but I am def not losing any weight. that kind of saddens me just a little i tried not to weigh in until month end but I just couldnt help it i know how scales are b ut i was hoping to be in the 240 range right now i think i may have to do the fat smash detox for nine days the first time i did it last april i lost 12lbs and it also helped me to not crave bad foods. one thing is that it will take a LOT of will power i know i can do it its just a matter of doing it. come sunday i will make up my mind.

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