today was a good day

Posted matilda08 on August 5th, 2009 | Filed under Journal

I just came back from grocery shopping. Im so proud of myself I brought so many healthy foods. I think planning is key so im off to planning my meals. I also went to the gym today. ITs hard to get there sometime but once I go I always feel great after and thats what motivates to keep going. I think this is a goal that is just as important to me as finishing school and getting my degree an accounting. Im tired of putting it off when I know that I can do it. I just want to take it one day at a time and continue to shed lbs. Once I get below 220 I will treat myself to a full body message something to look forward to. My gym offers them and the fee is separate but I feel like that is something that would keep me going. My birthday is in a few months and I plan on having a party Ill be 30 years old………woot woot… but I would like to be at least 220 buy then and I know thats pushing it but it gives me about three months. I know its possible so I’ll be aiming for that goal. I think this month is going to be positive for me hopefully I will be down at least ten lbs month end. Good night

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  1. eileen2blean Says:

    Hi! Welcome to 3FC and I think it’s great that you have set goals for yourself, and yes, you’re right! Your weight-loss goal is just as important as the others! And YES! You can do this!!

    BTW, you’re welcome to join us (a few of us 3FC’ers) in the August Challenge, we compete for stars. =D It’s free, so this is not actually spam, lol. Check it out:

    Best wishes on your journey!

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