Things have been great.  I haven’t even had a chance to hit the gym in about six weeks, but I am playing a lot softball — and winning tournaments with my amazing team.  My son and I have been having a blast doing the summer thing.  I find the whole dieting thing to be especially easy in the summer, what with all the watermelon, salads, and tons of activity.  I have stayed at about 134-137 for a couple months.  No gain after eating pizza probably about eight times in the last month alone.  It’s all my son who is a picky eater will eat voluntarily.  I don’t sweat what I eat at all anymore because I am staying under my caloric mark and always outside.  I haven’t even food journaled for six weeks.  It’s been a nice break.  I am off to wash my jeep in an empty lot outside my house because it is gorgeous outside. 

6 Responses to “The art of maintenance – softball, barbecues, and watermelon”

  1. amynbebes Says:

    🙂 Love your blog title 🙂

  2. KLund Says:

    Just found your blog puttering around the 3 fat chicks. You don’t happen to live in Boise do you. The pic of the little one looks like the fountain in the Grove and the paddle boats look like they are from Julia Davis Park.

  3. mamaspank Says:

    Thanks, Amybebes! Sounds sort of conceded of me, but I was thinking of one of my weight loss goals when I came up with the title.

    KLund, I used to live in Boise and now live in Middleton. We were at the fountain, but my uncle owns a beautiful cabin on the river and has paddleboats on his own little offshoot pond. I would never step foot into the water, because I am pretty sure I would never see it again — either the piranhas or gangrene would get me. Are you from Boise?

  4. KLund Says:

    I live close to the North End of Boise. Was just at the Grove last night for the first Alive After Five of this year. DH and I rode our bikes downtown. Trying to get in some exercise and also lower our carbon footprint. I have thought about starting my own weightloss blog to keep myself more accountable (I have about 40-50lbs to lose), but I already have 2 blogs and find myself having trouble keeping up with those at times.

  5. mamaspank Says:

    You should absolutely start another blog! I love the North End. I used to live on the Bench, but always found myself drawn to Camel’s Back. I used to go running back there and up Tablerock. Boise is truly special. I haven’t been to Alive After Five in about four years. Was the band good? That’s great that you are getting greener — perfect for the times, earth, and the North End. Are you on some sort of plan for your weight-loss goals?

  6. KLund Says:

    No plan really. I generally eat pretty healthy anyway, but am just trying to move a lot more. Riding my bike, walks after dinner, Wii Fit. One of these days I may dust off some Tae Bo videos I found at the thrift store.

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