Day ??

I am really tired right now and didn’t keep track of what day it is. That’s because of all the extra work I’ve been doing lately. It got real busy at my job and I’m working close to 16 hours a day. I’ve been writing down what I’ve been eating so I can keep track of things. I’ll post all that later when I have the time. For now, I just want to check in to let people know that I didn’t give up the diet. I haven’t done any exercise for over a week now, but I’m still losing weight. I believe it’s thanks to all of the protein I’ve been eating and drinking, so it’s not as bad as it seems. Can’t wait to get back to my routine, I’m starting to feel lazy again, like wanting to take naps in the middle of the day again. I still got a lot of long work shifts ahead of me, so I going to bed now. Oh, I’ll keep track of what I’m eating still so there will be a post for all of it to get caught up.

Weight: 313.4 lbs

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