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Yahhh weigh in day! Down another 2lbs this week bringing me down to 217. My body seems to stick with the routine of 2lbs a week, which is good! This also puts me 2lbs away from my next mini reward, so next week if all goes according to plan (*fingers crossed*) I’ll get to treat myself:) My overall goal this month is to get down to 211 by May 1st. I Joined the 10lbs by May 1st group on 3fc forums. It’s a great little place for advice, tips, motivation, recipes, support actually anything you can really think you would need while making your way through this weight loss journey and all that stuff.

Random side note here: anyone else see all the Titanic coverage they’ve had this week on TV and the news for the 100th anniversary since she sank. Our channels and national news has had a story on it almost every night leading up to April 15th. I really think I’m going to watch the movie this weekend. That’s all, Hope everyone had a good and successful week!


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