ewww greasy food

Had a bit of a splurge weekend, well not so much weekend as much as just a splurge Sunday. Had sushi, and home made (deep fried) eggrolls, chicken balls, chicken friend rice. Tasted sooo good, but man do I feel like crap today. Eating all that greasy food really makes you feel gross when your body has gotten use to eating clean and more healthy food. Tailbone is still pretty sore so still not running or doing any lowerbody weight training, so instead have been doing higher incline levels on the treadmill. Hoping for a productive this week, although after Sundays fatty feast I wouldn’t be suprised if I had no weight loss again this week 😐 Oh well this is all a learning challenge, I knew when I start this back in January there would be bumps in the road. Fingers crossed for a good week! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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