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mmmm good!

This ones just a quickie! Its Sunday or should I say indulge day! Not that I go crazy or anything normally, I just allow my self to have something I’ve been craving all week and am overly strict with what I’m putting into my body. Now normally this would for example a piece of cheesecake, or a handful of chips or something. But  today I had a little get together event to go too, and ended up getting to have a croissant, you know those flakey buttery pastries that taste like heaven but are really the devil in disguise? Yeah one of those! (and a few other things but this was my focus/favourite of the day) And I enjoyed it, savoured it and only had 1! I didn’t go back for a 2nd (before all of this I would have!) Anyways rather then coming home and beating myself up over having one of those “treats” (as I view them now) I decided to treat myself to a nice bubble bath. And I went all out too, put on some soothing relaxing music, lit what felt like 283748237498277 candles. It was nice to know and finally wrap my head around the fact that it’s not the end of the world for eating something like that on the rare occasion, and not to let it get me down. Tomorrow’s a new day! 🙂