First Failure

Well where to start. I was doing so well this week, just yesterday I was down 2lbs from last week (223lbs), but yesterday it all went to hell L I’m now back up to 225, that’s a 2lb gain in a day! (I don’t purposely weigh myself every day but the Wii fit program I’m using does.) So anyways someone came home with sweet home baked goods, and what did I do….I caved…but no not just one, I think throughout the entire day I had 5!!! 5!!! What was I thinking? Well the fact is I wasn’t, I gave in to my old behaviour and binged. I have to not let this get me down, I know it sucks but it also opened my eyes in a way that if I completely cut these sweets and treats out then I’ll binge anytime some are put in front of me, I’ll have to allow myself to have some every now and then so this never happens again. It’s just so frustrating for me to allow that to happen.
On another note I changed up my running routine. Rather than just using the set programs on the treadmill, I changed over to the “couch to 5km” running plan and even downloaded the app for my blackberry. I’m on the first week for that and so far it hasn’t been that challenging, I’m actually finding it pretty easy as it’s  fairly similar to what I was doing on the treadmill. I know next week though it’ll start to get harder as the run times get longer!

Feeling like I’m coming to come down with something as well (just my luck, why not hit me while I’m down!) can feel it building up in my throat and chest, hoping it’ll past quickly and not like the last one which lasted weeks!

I feel like I should try and end with a positive note which would be I uped my weights to a 5 lbs, so atleast there is a silver lining.   

Oh well just going to power through this week and hope for better results next week, also think I’ll start blogging on here more than once a week on my weigh in day. Hope everyone’s doing well and Happy Hump Day J 

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