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10lbs gone!! WOOT! :)

WOOT WOOT!!! I’ve lost my first 10lbs! First mini goal done, on to the next!!! Feeling really great about all of this, and just gives more motivation I find to keep going. Although I know later this week I will gain a few of those pounds back with my *monthly gift*, but they’ll also drop off as fast as they go on *luckily*.  Since I met my goal I got to buy myself something special, and assigned to this mini goal was a new pair of shoes! So I bought some Moccasins, I’ve always wanted a pair too:) J

 Was a little lacking this past week on my strength training, as a result I ended up making  a tracking sheet/check list so I can keep track and hope that will help me keep up with it. Still working on my water intake, still not quite where it should be but definitely better then it was last week.


I noticed on other people’s blogs they keep track of their measurements as well as their weight loss. And from what I’ve read at some point I’ll stop losing pounds and instead be losing inches. I don’t know my exact measurements from when I started this journey this time around, but I do have some from about a year ago when I was at my heaviest. So I’ll use those and take some new ones later this week and put them up. Overall a good week and happy about my first success and can’t wait for the next one! J

a loss is a loss

Down another 1 lb this week! Just 2 more till I meet my first mini goal of 10 lbs. I’m struggling again with
drinking as much water as I’m suppose too. Which is probably why even though I’m exercising and keeping up with a healthy eating habits I only went down a pound this week. I have no problem getting 2 bottles down in the morning – it’s the afternoon where I really don’t drink much. And by the evening , trying to play catch up and drink at least another 5 bottles is just a little too much to ask lol. I will really have to keep an eye on that and continue to work on it. Had an impromptu lunch this weekend with a friend, but made a healthy soup choice I’m happy about that. I’m really noticing that I also have more energy throughout the day since I’ve started all of this!

Did some more research into the whether a lotion, vitamin e can help with reducing excess skin in the end. Obviously the sites that have products for that purpose said it can. But I also found some that said although the lotion will help keep the skin healthy, there is no product that will prevent it, as the lotions/oils can’t penetrate down deep enough into the skin to really have an effect. Although they did give ways/advice to help with excess skin we all  worry about (this is what I can remember)

Drink plenty of water
Lose weigh gradually (the slower you lose the less of a shock it is to the body  and easier for the body to adapt to the changes)
Build muscle under the skin (so it has something to “fall back on”)
 Genetics plays a big part!
 The less time your overweight and the skin is overstretched the better
 Keeping skin moisturized (healthy skin is more likely to be able to pull back)
Although I didn`t lose as much as I was hoping for this week, (-1lb)  I`ll still take it and be happy about it! A pound gone is 1 less for me to carry around and 1 more closer to my goal. Hope everyone`s having a good week! 🙂





Should I work out today?

Thought I’d throw this up for everyone to see. I stumbeled across this a few weeks ago, and it’s actually my lap top background right now – just helps to give that little push I find on days I don’t feel like working out and exercising. Or atleast it does for me! 🙂




Post V-day

I kind of knew going into my weigh in today that I wasn’t likely to lose weight being post-valentines day and all (I didn’t gain anything either which is a plus!) And it’s not as if I went crazy on chocolate or anything (only had 2!) It was more that our dinner…well let’s just say there was no counting calories or worrying about how many carbs were in it and what not. And you know what I don’t feel guilty about it. I don’t eat like that every day and once and a while isn’t going to kill me. And in regards to my box of chocolates, I decided rather than sitting and devouring the whole box in one night, I’m going to have 1 a day till they are all gone and savour them while I have them!


I’m still worried/worrying about the excess skin that I may end up with after losing so much weight. I’m hoping if I lose weight slowly, drink plenty of water and build up the muscles underneath my body will have more time to tighten itself as I go. I also read that working a lotion with vitamin E into the skin also helps the skin. I may have to look into that and pick some up. If anyone reading this knows or has tips, please let me know! My fear is that I will have spent all this effort and time into being a more healthy person and being and less comfortable in my body because of the excess skin :S


My hope for next week is to have a bigger weight loss then what I have had. I know my goal is to lose 1-2 lbs a week, but just once (and once is all I’m asking for!) is to have a loss of 4-5lbs, that would make me so happy. And I’m kind of thinking if it’s going to happen it will be this week, seeing as there is no dinners out with friends planned, I am back to a more regular exercise schedule with my low back not bothering me anymore, so here’s to hoping for that.


I also moved up a pound in my dumbbells for my upper body works outs now using 3lbs dumbbells. *flex*


Having a huge urge to go stuff my face with chocolate or something salty…well anything junk foodish to be honest. And it’s not because I’m hungry or craving them or anything, but I am a huge emotional eater and its been a rough afternoon. This is the first  binge eating/emotional trigger craving I’ve had since I’ve started eating healthy (and I know there will be more of these moments in the future). It’ll be a hard habit to break, but I also know breaking it will be good and is what’s best for me. I’m hoping by writing on here will help fight the urge and give me the boost to not give in tonight. *fingers crossed* Going to go drink a glass of water and see if that helps.

220’s here I come…. No. Here I am!!!

Woot! 229! Which puts me 4lbs away from losing my first 10lbs, it’s kind of exciting!  Also my back has finally stopped bothering so I’ll be able to get back to running again rather than just walking. Which *fingers crossed* should help shed off an extra pound or two a week. Yay!

I am really looking forward to hitting that first 10lbs lost. When I first started this journey I set up a little reward system with short term goals. So for every 10 lbs I lose I get to go buy myself something special! And I should explain that I set up what each 10lbs reward would be when I started all of this. Each “level” already has a “prize” assigned to it so to speak.  I find it makes this process seem more doable (or perhaps enjoyable would be a better word?)  to have short term goals to aim for, as well as something to look forward too, because as we all know losing all this weight is going to take time…

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering what will her first reward be? Well being the girly-girl that I am, and the first 10lbs being quite the stepping stone to a new life, it had to be none other than a new pair of shoes! I mean really what girl doesn’t have enough shoes? Last thing I wanted to buy was a new shirt, and lose more weight and not be able to wear it in a month’s time. And I find shoes can really change how you feel when you put them on. A nice pair of heels can make you feel more confident, sexy, powerful, and they are only 4 lbs away now, only 4 lbs away…. J


1 month already?

Can’t believe it’s already been a month, and 4 lbs gone (hey atleast I’m not gaining! lol) which doesn’t sound like much but I’ll take it considering the month I had with being sick, birthdays and hurting my back. Which speaking off back pain, had a little bit of residual pain this week in my SI joint, so took it easy on the treadmill, just some simple walking. Last thing I want is to throw out my back and make this process even harder and added pain to my everyday life. I did actually manage to get in for a massage this week which has helped.

     Last week I was hoping to push and get into the 220’s, and I did sneak a peak this past Friday on the scale just to see where I was, and happily noticed I was at 230 J, but then of course gained a few back with my lovely monthly gift …..*sigh*. So what it comes down to this week is making my goal of breaking the 220’s, I will do it! To be honest I don’t ever recall being in the 220’s think I may have missed that weight when all the pounds were piling on. Hoping my stay won’t be too long in that number bracket. Look forward to weighing in next week!